Emily Sears shared the secret to winter workouts

Emily Sears photo feature
Emily Sears posed for a gym selfie. Pic credit: @emilysears/Instagram

Emily Sears looked fit and stunning as she posed for a gym photo in stylish active wear.

The Australian model had her blonde locks in a bun and wore a tight crop top and matching leggings.

Her physique looked flawless as she sent pulses racing for a promo.

Emily, who is based in Los Angeles, touted an energy drink she said helps fuel her workouts.

She shared the photo with her Instagram followers and wrote the following in the caption:

“Winter evening workouts require extra energy? @1stphorm energy drink has zero calories and natural energy from green tea so it doesn’t with my macros or give me the jitters? #1stPhorm #energydrink #macros #naturalcaffeine.”

The Instagram star has a promotional deal with the brand and can often be seen with a can of their energy drink in her hand on social media.

The beauty shared a different promo a day earlier for 1st Phorm in a sizzling outfit.

In the IG snap, she posed in a plunging black dress in a post directed at introverts that need a caffeine-free energy boost.

“Any introverts out there who pre-game socializing with an energy drink? @1stphorm ‘s has natural caffeine from green tea and zero calories so it’s a way better choice than other brands #1stphorm,” she wrote in the caption.

Emily Sears explains why she loves 1st Phorm’s micro factor sachets

Emily put on a plunging fitted dress to bring attention to 1st Phorm’s micro factor sachets in an Instagram share promoting the brand.

She flashed a gorgeous smile in the photo and wrote in the caption that the sachets make it easy for her to remember to take her vitamins.

The powdered supplement, which she puts near her coffee machine, contains a multivitamin, a greens superfood blend, CoQ10, EFA omega 3 oil, antioxidants, and a probiotic, according to the caption.

A pack of the nutrient pack retails for $69.99 and contains ingredients such as spirulina, kale, and a cereal grass blend, per the website.

Emily Sears sizzles in Good American jeans

Not only has Emily plugged 1st Phorm, but she’s also repped Khloe Kardashian’s brand, Good American.

Emily looked sensational in a pair of Good American jeans. The brand, founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, got tagged by the Instagram model in a selfie.

The blond bombshell had her locks styled in soft waves and wore a black crop top that revealed her chiseled midriff.

She accessorized the casual and stylish look with a black Chanel bag and dark sunshades.

She posed with a rack of clothes for a backdrop in the Instagram share.

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