Emily Ratajkowski wears bikini beachside for new iNAMORATA collaboration

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski is making business moves in 2023. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski teamed up with designer Marcelo Gaia for an incredible clothing collaboration that is sending temperatures soaring.

Emily’s clothing brand, iNAMORATA, has been growing over the past few years as she expands her lines from swimwear to daily wear.

Marcelo, the owner of the clothing brand Mirror Palais, found Emily as his muse to create a swimsuit that would honor his Brazilian culture.

The Mirror Palais x iNAMORATA line drops on May 26 and features a new micro-bikini with designs featuring bold greens, yellows, and blues to pay homage to Brazil.

There will likely be more than one piece as part of this collaboration, but it’s clear that Marcelo has a favorite with his Brazil-themed piece.

“Growing up in New York so far away from my family in Brasil I’ve always longed for a deeper connection to my culture. My mom spoke Portuguese at home, would take us to churrasco with friends in Astoria and play Chico Buarque de Holanda & Rita Lee on the weekends while we cleaned the house, but we didn’t get to visit often because we couldn’t afford to,” he began his post.

Emily Ratajkowski models micro-bikini for new collaboration

“I have a deep admiration and respect for Emily and am so honored to share a piece of this beautiful culture with her, and her first caipirinha de maracujá. I hope you guys love this collection we designed together as much as we do. Thank you to both the Mirror Palais and Inamorata teams for bringing our vision to life,” he concluded, sharing a photo of Emily and himself on the beach and a solo photo of Emily (not on the beach).

We have to assume the drink in her hand is the delicious aforementioned caipirinha de maracujá, a Brazilian passion fruit cocktail most commonly made with limes, sugar, ice, and Brazilian distilled liquor, cachaca.

Mirror Palais’s and iNAMORATA’s brand missions

Given that these two clothing brands are collaborating, it seems that they must have something in common for their brand missions and statements.

At Mirror Palais, Marcelo aims to create sustainable womenswear for confident women — especially those who inspired Marcelo when he was a stylist.

The swimwear at Mirror Palais is made to reflect his Brazilian heritage, often with bright and bold colors, contrasting prints, and even some florals. Some pieces have vintage tones to them while others are more modern.

The website states that all clothes for Mirror Palais are made in New York and the company aims to highlight fair wages when it comes to the fashion world.

The brand is also something that both celebrities and the everyday girl can wear, which is likely something that Emily enjoys about this brand, as she does the same with her own clothing line.

Emily and her friend Kat Mendenhall came up with iNAMORATA to give women fashionable choices that they can wear anywhere, from classy events to casual outings.

Most importantly, they wanted to “reject” old stereotypes and myths about body image and be sure that every woman could feel comfortable in her body while wearing their clothes.

As far as Mirror Palais and iNAMORATA collaborating, this seems like the perfect business venture for two brands focused on inspiring women.

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