Emily Ratajkowski stuns in a backless silver shirt and bangs

Emily Ratajkowski arriving at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Emily Ratajkowski arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Pic credit: ©

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski rang in the new year with a new look after almost a month away from Instagram.

Fans are excited to see Ratjkowski back on Instagram and can’t stop fawning over her new hair and stunning outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski’s first post in weeks

Fans were able to see Emily Ratajkowski absolutely glowing as she posed for a set of two photos.

Her look includes a backless silver top complete with sequins and a silver fringe that runs down to the floor.

The shiny top is complemented by black pants.

Emily’s sparkling wallet, jewelry, and shoes complete the New Year’s look.

The post includes one full-body photo that looks as if it was possibly taken in a mirror. This photo includes the entire outfit minus a full look at the shoes, but there’s a glimpse. The background of the photo shows a stylish area rug and gold picture on the wall.

Her second photo is what has fans absolutely stunned.

Ratajkowski poses slightly bent over a sink, accentuating her cleavage and fit physique. Fans can see a brief glimpse of the luxurious room, complete with marbled walls and a gold-accented sink.

Once the initial shock of her amazing outfit and figure passes, it’s easier to notice her new hair. Her brown locks have a feathered look with large bangs. The new-look is taking fans by storm as they praise the fresh style.

This is the first new hairstyle Ratajkowksi has posted since before the birth of her son, Sylvester.

Last time, she shocked fans with a platinum blonde look in June 2020. She credited that look to Kerastase, a haircare brand that she has partnered with.

While fans miss her presence on social media, Emily Ratajkowski has a busy schedule.

Aside from modeling and acting, she has published her own book, My Body, and spends a lot of time caring for her son. Given the importance of motherhood, fans are largely forgiving of her time between posts on social media.

Emily Ratajkowski on motherhood

In November of 2021, Marie Claire interviewed Ratajkowski regarding the release of her book and her son and husband.

Ratajkowski and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, welcomed their first son in 2021.

Ratajkowski goes on to say that she tells her son every day that he is beautiful, and hopes to instill body positivity in all of her future children.

She is particularly looking forward to having a daughter so that she can teach her daughter that beauty is not the only power in life. She wants to be sure her children know there are several different forms of power that don’t rely on beauty or beauty standards.

However, despite her wishes for future children, right now she is the mother of one son. She hopes to have open conversations about power dynamics with Sylvester as he grows up so he can understand his own role in certain power dynamics.

She goes on to say that “It’s hard, because you want your child to feel the most confident, and the best about themselves, and I want that for him. But also he’s… you know, a white boy. So it’s understanding that there are things that he’s not even aware of that have been granted to him in life. I want him to come built-in with that awareness of the world and of his place in it.”

Regardless of the power dynamics her children may or may not encounter, Emily Ratajkowski is prepared to meet every challenge with love and acceptance and is ready to teach her children what it means to be powerful in more ways than just being beautiful.

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