Emily Ratajkowski stuns at the Tory Burch fashion show

Emily Ratajkowski in front of flowers
Emily Ratajkowski stuns at latest fashion show. Pic credit: © Hinton/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski stole the show during New York Fashion Week. The supermodel closed the Tory Burch show while projections of Venus de Milo were featured around her.  

The show was created to display confidence and encourage people to be unapologetically themselves. 

She wore a gorgeous black dress that fit her perfectly. The ensemble had a corset top, adjustable straps, and a peplum detail. The skirt of the dress was kept simple, falling down to a tea length.  

For her shoes, she wore black stilettos that added to her 5’7″ frame.  

To add an edgy vibe, she wore multiple silver hoop earrings as well as fishnet stockings.  

The raven-haired beauty tamed her dark locks and put them in a slick back ponytail. For the show, she kept her makeup simple, wearing gray eyeshadow and nude lipstick to complement her gorgeous features.  

While the collection overall was beautiful, fans were distracted by how amazing Emily looked.  

Emily Ratajkowski's comment section
Pic credit: @emrata/instagram

Emily Ratajkowski shares her skincare secrets that seriously improved her skin 

Emily Ratajkowski seems to always have blemish-free skin every time she steps on the scene. While some could just assume it’s genetics, she admitted to Vogue that was not always the case.  

In her early 20s, she admitted to never really caring about her skincare or a specific routine. However, at 31, she has the perfect routine to keep her skin soft and supple. 

She starts off using the French product Bioderma that she uses to take her makeup off at the end of the night. Afterward, she uses Biologique Recherche P50 as her cleanser, which seems to be a controversial choice for some.  

“Some people don’t love it,” she explained to the publication. “But I am somebody for whom retinol is too extreme, so P50 is a happy medium. It balances my skin and I layer it with a pretty thick moisturizer.” 

Emily Ratajkowski stuns for Perfect Magazine 

Emily Ratajkowski looked amazing as the latest cover girl for Perfect Magazine. She went for a preppy look while posing for the magazine in black and white.  

She had on an oversized cardigan that doubled as a dress. She paired it with black loafers and white socks.  

The High Low podcast host had on an array of jewelry, including stacked chain necklaces and rhinestone bracelets.  

She pulled her hair back in a low half-up half-down hairstyle to get a better view of her face. Her makeup was very natural and focused on showcasing her thick eyebrows and high cheekbones. 

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