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Emily Ratajkowski shows off toned abs in black tank top

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski shared a quick snap revealing her toned abs and model physique. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Model and author Emily Ratajkowski is enjoying a summer with her son following her split from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

However, Emily is a working woman and is almost constantly on the go, from outings with her son to working gigs and overall being a fashion icon.

Though her permanent Instagram posts are characteristically weeks apart, she hasn’t shied away from updating her Instagram Stories with snaps of her day and outfits.

Emily also doesn’t shy away from a good mirror pic, and she blessed her 29.5 million followers with one such snap today.

The wide shot didn’t come with a caption, but it didn’t need one. She stood in a large, open room with a few pieces of furniture, standing far enough from the mirror to capture her entire outfit and still left some wiggle room.

Her all-black ensemble was a stark contrast to the tan, beige, and white decor in the room, and it was a perfectly styled look for EmRata.

Emily Ratajkowski reveals toned abs in all-black outfit

Minus her white sneakers and her neutrally-toned purse, Emily’s outfit was all black, making her bright-red phone case stand out in the snap.

Her loose black pants fell loosely around her shoes, but her black tank top featured a v-neck and fell just above the waistline of her pants, showing a peek of her toned model’s abs.

Emily Ratajkowski poses in mirror pic for Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Her long dark locks framed her face loosely, and she kept her eyes covered with sunglasses despite being inside. It’s possible she was either just arriving or just leaving the room, but there is no clarification.

Ever the image of confidence, it’s hard to believe that Emily had some doubts about herself and her career along the way.

Emily Ratajkowski opens up indecisiveness throughout her career

Emily’s career became established around 2013 after a lot of hard work with modeling and some acting. However, she revealed she has struggled throughout her career and wasn’t sure if she would make it through.

She told Harper’s Bazaar, “There are so many times when I felt like a failure. I am very hard on myself in general. Early on that would be not getting an audition or getting close to booking a job and missing it – and it felt like everything was collapsing.”

She added, “There have been so many times in my career where I have thought about changing career paths or giving up.”

Emily went through several different phases where she wanted to pursue art rather than be a model and then “dabbled in acting,” all before she ended up writing her book and becoming an author along with model and actress.

“If somebody had told me three years ago that I would have written a book and published it, I wouldn’t have believed them. The biggest lesson for me has been if that if you want to do something and you set your mind to it and you are really diligent… you can make it happen.”