Emily Ratajkowski says she ‘doesn’t really believe in straight people’

Emily Ratajkowski straight
Emily Ratajkowski talks about sexuality and spectrums in a new interview. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

When it comes to sexuality, Emily Ratajkowski believes the lines are blurry.

The model revealed so in a recent interview where she discussed everything from feminism to social media and everything in between.

Emily has made headlines in the past few months after her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was alleged to have cheated on her. Emily and Sebastian share a son, Sylvester Bear, born just one year before the cheating scandal surfaced, arguably making the story much more upsetting.

Emily looked better than ever in a gorgeous spread for the magazine, and she offered some insight into her attitude and opinions on life.

The author referenced her change in relationship status during the interview with Harpers Bazaar, which took place after the cheating scandal went public.

She made one revelation about sexuality that may have turned some viewers’ heads.

According to Emily, sexuality occurs on a sliding scale.

Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t ‘believe’ in straight people

As part of Emily’s sliding scale, there doesn’t appear to be a straight or heterosexual option.

Emily told Harpers Bazaar, “I think sexuality is on a sliding scale. I don’t really believe in straight people.”

Emily wasn’t the first person to describe sexuality on a sliding scale. The Kinsey Scale is considered by many social scientists as the golden standard for measuring sexuality. The scale, created in 1948, features zero at the heterosexual side of the spectrum and six at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Whether gay, straight, or somewhere in between, Emily has certainly demonstrated beauty. Emily has also shown varied talents with her modeling portfolio, swimwear line, and a successful book, My Body, which came out last year.

Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship status and career

Emily revealed that she was never single and always had a boyfriend, partially to protect her in the often predatory world of modeling.

Emily explained, “To use the TikTok phrase, I was a bit of a ‘pick-me girl’ in the sense that I wasn’t very good at deciding what I liked.”

The introspective model revealed that she previously based her self-worth on what others thought of her. While Emily’s self-worth mistake would certainly not be unique, she admitted that she was no longer that way.

She also said that she had been on a few dates but remained tight-lipped when pressed for more details.

As Emily navigates single life for what she describes as the first time, she will undoubtedly have many suitors.

For now, Emily focuses on her businesses, which include her own book and line of swimwear.

She quipped, “I definitely see myself as a hustler. I don’t hustle people, but I hustle.”