Emily Ratajkowski promotes swimwear line with new pieces for 2023

Emily Ratajkowski close up
Emily Ratajkowski showed off her exceptionally perfect physique in a leopard print Inamorata bikini. Pic credit: ©

Emily Ratajkowski has been having an eventful year, with a divorce, a growing baby, a podcast, and a thriving swimwear line all keeping her busy.

The My Body author does much of the modeling for her swimwear line Inamorata herself, frequently popping up on her Instagram page in a leopard print ensemble, which appears to be one of her favorite patterns.

Emily showed off her svelte frame in a lighter leopard print than what has been seen from the brand before, with a string bikini top and matching bottoms that accentuated her killer curves.

The model stood in front of a white balcony against the backdrop of a blue sky and clear blue ocean, looking incredibly natural, just as the atmosphere intended.

Her brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders and looked damp as if she had just come back from a refreshing dip in the water.

The Inamorata founder stood casually with one leg crossed over the other and her arms hanging down, looking at the camera with a sultry stare.

Emily Ratajkowski in a leopard print Inamorata bikini
Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski announced her brand Inamorata will launch new pieces in 2023

Inamorata will soon be launching new collections for 2023, and presumably, new patterns, as the one Emily was wearing is not currently on the site.

It’s unclear if the brand will also be introducing new bikini styles, as they have kept the same looks for a while now while updating the patterns and colors.

Emily appeared to be wearing something similar to the Neptune Bottom, which is currently on sale for $76, and the matching Neptune top, also $76.

Currently, both pieces are available in 13 different colors and patterns, including several types of leopard print, polka dots, and a dark red velvet.

The caption in the Instagram post for the look read, “2023 newness. Coming soon,” and was most likely referring to new bikinis on the Inamorata website. However, it also feels like a metaphor for Emily’s life in general.

Emily Ratajkowski in a leopard print Inamorata bikini
Pic credit: @inamoratawoman/Instagram

Emily’s romance with comedian Pete Davidson has fizzled out

After divorcing her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, after he allegedly cheated on her, Emily has been taking advantage of her newly single status.

The mom to 1-year-old Sylvester, whom she shares with her ex-husband, has been seen with a few men since her split, including celebrity lothario Pete Davidson. The Saturday Night Live funnyman previously dated Kim Kardashian for nine months and has been linked to a slew of stunning women, including Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande.

However, Emily’s romance with Pete has apparently fizzled out in a very short period, and the pair remains friends, with sources telling Page Six, “Their fling has moved into the friend zone,” while adding that’s “fine with both of them.”

Emily claimed during her podcast High Low that she attracts ’emasculated’ men

In a recent episode of her podcast High Low with Emrata, Emily claimed she feels like she attracts “emasculated” men. So, a big ouch to anyone who has dated her in the past.

During an interview with Olivia Ponton, Emily said, “I said to my girlfriend, ‘I feel like I attract the worst men.’”

She later added, “I feel like a lot of men who truly think they want a strong woman actually don’t know how to handle it and … what it means for their own identity.”

For the moment, Emily appears to still be single, though she’s got a successful swimwear brand, podcast, book, and modeling career to keep her warm at night.

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