Emily Ratajkowski is Versace goddess in purple lace

Emily Ratajkowski stuns at Versace.
Emily Ratajkowski stuns at Versace. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Emily Ratajkowski was a vision in purple as the Versace muse channeled her inner goddess with delightful results.

The My Body author has been a muse for Donatella Versace for years, frequently working with the designer and the Italian fashion house.

Versace and Emily made magic again as the stunning model wore the colors of royalty for a modern take on a bridal ensemble.

Emily shared a look at her beautiful attire on her Instagram page with her 29.7 million followers. She received 371k likes and countless comments for the lovely post.

The post was quite interesting because it featured images and videos. The breadth of content allowed fans to see the purple garment in motion, which added to the wow factor of the look.

The mother of one started the carousel strong with a selfie. The selfie showed Emily sitting on her throne, with gold-painted enamel that was fit for a queen, or in her case, a Versace goddess.

Emily Ratajkowski stuns in Versace Spring Summer 2023

Emily had a diamond-encrusted tiara on her head, which was attached to a purple veil. She pouted her glossy lips and rocked soft-glam makeup, highlighting her natural glow.

Her purple dress had lace embroidery decorating the bodice and cascading down her waist. The gown also had a thigh-high slit which added an edginess to the look. Emily wore purple fingerless gloves made from the same fabric as the Versace gown.

The second part of the post showed an idea of what it was like to film a fashion campaign. A director yelled, “Action,” prompting extras to start walking and Emily to begin strutting.

While the people in the background wore black, Emily’s purple caused her to stand out even more. She carried a purple purse and wore strappy heels, walking with an attitude on the cobblestone streets.

Another video showed Emily in a glass cube resting. Other models appeared captivated by the sight of a stunning model on the ground in couture.

However, this was all for the show, with the characters playing a role in the name of fashion.

Emily has undeniable talent as a model but has branched out with multiple income streams.

Emily Ratajkowski launches Inamorata

One of Emily’s sources of income has been her swimsuit line, Inamorata. 

Emily grew up in Southern California, wearing swimsuits and hitting the beach. She had a lot of experience with bikinis and one-pieces, which shows in her company. 

Emily revealed some of her advice to aspiring influencers to Forbes, saying, “One, which I tell everyone in any space, is value yourself really highly, because otherwise no one else will. So if you really understand why these people are paying, and how much they should pay you and stick to it, because ultimately that’s how you build a business.”

Her second piece of advice follows the golden rule of being yourself. She advises aspiring influencers to be “really honest” and to know themselves and their viewpoints when they start out, as knowing and being yourself helps your brand.

Inamorata has become an influencer favorite, with models like Emily Elizabeth representing the company. 

The future looks bright for Emily, with a podcast, a swimwear line, and a successful modeling career.