Emily Ratajkowski in plunging blouse, talks the ‘male gaze’ with Alex Cooper

Emily Ratajkowski close up
Emily Ratajkowski launched her podcast, High Low, on November 1. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski looks like she is well and truly ready to take over the world, and with her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard behind her and a new podcast, she can certainly achieve that.

The My Body author has been teasing fans for weeks now about her new podcast, High Low with EmRata.

If you’re a fan of Emily’s TikTok page, then the podcast is definitely for you, as it features chats with special guests and monologues from the model herself about everything from politics to sex and dating.

It appears Emily is absolutely ready to stop being seen as just a pretty face and is ready to be a pretty face who also has important things to say.

While she broke into the industry dancing around nude in Robin Thicke’s infamous Blurred Lines music video, she’s ready to be taken more seriously.

Everything from feminism to relationships and the “male gaze” to morning sex will feature on the podcast, which will likely become a favorite of women everywhere.

Emily Ratajkowski spoke to Alex Cooper, host of Call Her Daddy, on the debut episode of High Low

On the first episode of High Low, Emily interviewed Alexandra Cooper who is the host of her own incredibly popular podcast, Call Her Daddy.

The pair had a lot to talk about, but one of the most interesting parts of their conversation was when they talked about the “male gaze” and how women are constantly made to feel like they have to orbit around men.

Emily eloquently said, “Every single message we are taught from day one is that men are the sun that we orbit around and we are lucky enough if it’s, like, daytime, and they shine their light on us.”

Alexandra later went into her own insecurities and that she used to be a “pick-me girl,” claiming she just wanted male validation when she was younger. She revealed that because she is attracted to men, that she wanted them to like her.

Emily responded, “And male validation is so powerful in our culture.”

Alexandra said she believed the “pick-me girl” is just part of growing up in the society that we live in.

In the episode, Emily wore a brown plunging blouse with her brunette hair hanging loosely down her shoulders.

Emily Ratajkowski in plunging brown sweater for podcast
Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily teased the launch of her podcast in mid-October

Before the podcast released its first episode, Emily teased her fans on October 12 with the announcement.

She wore a black leather blazer with nothing underneath and bright red lipstick as she held a microphone in her hand.

She confidently looked at the camera with her hand on her hip, clearly ready to share her thoughts with the world.

In her caption, she told followers there would be two episodes every week. Tuesdays will feature a special guest, like a celebrity, author, or close friend that she admires, and Thursdays will be a monologue episode in which she talks about a theme or question she’s interested in.

Emily Ratajkowski spoke to Alex Cooper, the host of podcast Call Her Daddy, for the debut podcast episode of High Low with Emrata.