Emily Ratajkowski flawless in black tube top for High Low episode with Julia Fox

Emily Ratajkowski close up
Emily Ratajkowski wore a black tube top for the second episode of her High Low podcast. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Emily Ratajkowski has not been letting her recent divorce bring her down, and if anything, she’s busier and more successful than she’s ever been.

She’s already a published author, and her book My Body is highly popular, already becoming a New York Times Bestseller, but it’s her TikTok videos that also get people talking.

The model frequently posts videos in which she shares her opinion on everything from politics to women’s rights.

With all that said, her popularity on the social media platform has led her to start her own podcast, High Low with EmRata.

Every Tuesday, she will interview a celebrity, author, or someone she admires, and on Thursdays, she will share a monologue episode in which she takes a deep dive into a topic that interests her.

Of what the podcast will be like, Emily told Harpers Bazaar, “I’m down to talk about sex, be a millennial or whatever, while also having—hopefully—the eloquence and interview style of Terry Gross.”

Emily Ratajkowski interviewed model Julia Fox for her podcast

For the second episode, Emily interviewed model Julia Fox, who has made headlines for her attention-grabbing ensembles and for a very short fling with controversial rapper Kanye West.

The pair sat down to talk about “Motherhood, Men, Money and Masterpieces,” according to Emily’s caption, and apparently sex.

Emily and Julia conversed about the idea of liking sex, with Emily claiming she does and Julia revealing she could actually go without it.

Julia revealed she’s actually quite desensitized to sex, and she just doesn’t find it that thrilling, saying she would even rather take ayahuasca and see God.

For the episode, Emily wore a stylish ensemble that included a black tube top for a very 90s vibe, with high-waisted black and gray camo pants and a black belt. On top, she wore a yellow button-down jacket and went for the bright red lipstick look she wore to advertise her podcast.

Julia went for a dark denim jacket, and a unique makeup look with black liquid liner painted where her eyebrows should be.

Emily’s podcast High Low debuted with Alex Cooper as a guest

The first episode of High Low debuted on November 1, and she interviewed another successful podcast host, Alexandra Cooper of Call Her Daddy.

In that episode, Emily and Alex talked about the “male gaze” and how women are raised to always think their life revolves around men. Emily even claimed that girls are taught from very early in life that men are the sun and we orbit around them.


The GOAT podcasting queen, @Alexandra Cooper is my first guest on High Low. Go listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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They later talked about Alex’s past insecurities, saying she was a “pick me girl,” which was just a product of the things society pushes on women.

Judging by the first two episodes, it’s clear Emily’s new podcast will not shy away from the topics women really want to talk about.