Emily Ratajkowski debuts bobbed hair in style

em rata face
Emily Ratajkowski is sheer and fabulous with a new hair style. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Emily Ratajkowski unveiled a new hairstyle while at the front row of a Marc Jacobs fashion show.

The model shared her new look with her Instagram followers via her Instagram Stories.

The Marc Jacobs show was the place to be in New York City last night. The fashion show, held at the Park Avenue Armory, had a heroes theme, with a clear homage to late designer Vivienne Westwood.

Emily sat with well-known names, including Debbie Harry, Sofia Coppola, and Ashley Graham.

But Emily stole the show, thanks to a new hairstyle.

While it was unclear if the look was a wig or a big chop, Emily showed that she could rock any style.

Emily Ratajkowski goes sheer at Marc Jacobs show

Emily appeared in selfie mode, pouting her famous lips while heading to the show. Behind her, the skyscrapers and traffic of Manhattan were visible through the car window.

The Blurred Lines star had short bangs and a shaggy bob that was noticeably darker than usual. Emily’s tresses had loose waves, adding a bohemian-chic vibe to her look.

em rata
Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

She donned muted colors, with a brown jacket and fur around the collar. The Versace face sported a sheer brown shirt under the coat, with a deep v-neck. Her shirt was tucked into brown slacks, completing the stylish ensemble.

The model’s face was caked with rosy cheeks and winged eyeliner.

Emily also shared a photo carousel with her 29.7 million followers, featuring paparazzi shots from the night.

In Emily’s caption, she expressed affection for the designer.

em rata marc jabos
Pic credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski promotes STRONG by Zumba

While Emily has definitely received the blessing of fabulous genetics, she has also hit the gym to keep her figure toned.

You might find Emily in a Zumba class, moving her body to the beat and burning calories.

The model teamed up with STRONG by Zumba, promoting the high-energy dance classes, which are also a social experience. 

Emily told InStyle, “I am also someone who, even in a class, will get chatty and [distracted]. I think that’s the great thing about STRONG — the music keeps me really focused and in the zone.”

The mother of one also said that doing a Zumba class was more effective than taking melatonin before bed.

She continued, “When I work out, it’s better than taking a melatonin. Because my body has worked hard, my brain finally rests and I think that is so valuable in this day and age — not to sound like an old geezer.”

Emily certainly doesn’t look like an old geezer as she continues to be a trailblazer in the fashion industry.

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