Emily Miller proves pajamas can be worn for a night out

Emily Miller in Lingerie
Emily Miller looked amazing in pajamas. Pic credit: @emilyfayemiller/Instagram

Pajamas have never looked so good. Emily Miller showed fans how to go out in nightwear and still look better than ever.  

She posted her latest night look, and fans could not tell she was wearing pajamas. Emily wore a tiny slip dress lined with lace around her bust. Along the hem was a small slit to make the look sexier.

To dress up her outfit, she wore an oversized leather jacket that added edginess to the look. For her shoes, she wore thick black boots that were perfect for the fall.

She kept her accessories simple and wore a pendant necklace and a few bracelets. 

Showing off her gorgeous features, she decided to pull her hair back into a tight bun. Her makeup looked sultry with brown eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

She uploaded multiple photos to Instagram so fans could get a good view of the outfit. For anyone wondering, she let her fans know that all she wanted for Christmas was more pajamas to recreate this outfit with.  

Emily Miller stands with PETA

One cause that Emily cares about is animal cruelty. So, it’s no surprise when she did a photo shoot for the organization PETA. Understanding her audience, she decided to inform them about a problematic product they might not know is harming animals, mink eyelashes.

She told her followers, “There’s nothing beautiful about wearing an animal’s skin. Fur is the product of exploitation, abuse and cruelty – stand with me and never buy mink lashes. There are so many other & better alternatives!”

In the promotional photoshoot, her fans saw her gorgeous headshot. She wore gold eyeshadow, long eyelashes, and nude lip gloss.  

On her shoulder, there was brown mink that stood up right next to her face. The photo let her followers know that if they wore mink, they wore fur. 

Emily Miller looked amazing in front of a beautiful view 

Emily looked stunning while on her trip to Croatia. She wore a black strapless dress that showed off her toned legs. The dress was lined with lace around the bust and hem.

Over her, she wore a bright pink oversized blazer that sat on her shoulders.

She kept the accessories simple and wore black sunglasses, silver earrings, a name plate necklace, and a few gold rings.

She pulled her dark brown hair into a slick bun, for a classy look.  

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