Emily Elizabeth soaks up the sun in Malibu with blue skies

emily elizabeth face
Emily Elizabeth spent time at her favorite place. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth spends a lot of time wearing a bikini.

As an influencer and model, Emily’s swimsuit work uniform makes a lot of sense.

The New York native has seen growing popularity on social media platforms like Instagram as she posts her travels, including a lot of beach trips.

Luckily for Emily, her pictures never get boring. One of the ways that Emily has maintained public interest is with scenic backdrops, like the one in her new IG post.

The blonde beauty posed on a beach, which she declared in her caption as “my favorite place to be.”

The social media share had two parts, and it was nearly impossible to choose a favorite photo.

Like many influencers, Emily hid the public like count on her recent post. But, it would be reasonable to assume that a decent portion of her 2.1 million followers enjoyed her content.

Emily Elizabeth poses in her favorite place to be

Emily started her carousel strong with sun rays gracing her skin while she posed near the ground.

She donned a light-colored bikini with a stringy yet supportive top. Emily paired the bikini top with matching bottoms featuring double straps on each hip.

At the edge of the frame, Emily’s white sneakers were visible as she navigated the sand.

As Emily basked in the glory of the sun, she smiled slightly with stylish sunglasses protecting her eyes from harmful UV rays.

Behind Emily, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as the sun slowly set, transitioning the backdrop from blue to orange.

In the second picture, Emily angled her body slightly to face the camera. She maintained her beautiful smile, with pieces of her blonde hair blowing in the wind. The rest of Emily’s hair appeared in a stylishly messy updo for major beachy vibes.

Emily didn’t tag a brand in this picture, so it looked like the post was just for fun.

However, there are a few brands that Emily works with frequently.

One such brand is Boutine LA, an influencer-favorite company.

Emily Elizabeth promotes Boutine LA

Brands like Boutine LA have lined up for Emily’s services, and it’s not hard to see why. Emily has curated an ethereal image with a hint of mystery and a lot of luxury.

A recent share saw Emily rocking a black bikini by Boutine LA. 

She wore the Manhattan Black Bikini Top II with a sliding triangle bikini top and a price tag of $55.

Emily sported matching stringy bottoms with the popular hardware-free Manhattan Black Beachy Bottoms. The bikini bottoms, assembled of a nylon and spandex combination, have a stretchy fit and a price tag of $30.

As Emily’s popularity soars, fans will wait to see what she does next.

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