Emily Elizabeth shows off villa during Mexican holiday

Emily Elizabeth selfie
Emily Elizabeth showed off her toned figure in a black bikini while on a vacation to Mexico. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth has been all about the warm weather so far this year, appearing to have only set foot in the warmest of climates during the coldest, darkest month of them all.

The influencer, who has amassed 2.2 million Instagram followers, has been on a girl’s holiday in Mexico, where she and her friends are staying at the Cuixmala resort.

Cuixmala is just outside Guadalajara, and it’s not your average hotel on the beach. It’s much more than that.

It features massive villas with private pools big enough to accommodate up to eight people.

Also available are the Casitas, which accommodate one to six people and have a shared pool with private entrances, wifi, air conditioning, and the basic necessities.

Of course, even the smaller Casitas look like an absolute dream decked out in an authentic Mexican design.

Emily Elizabeth wore a black string bikini in Mexico

Emily sported a stunning black string bikini as she showed off her villa behind her, though she was obviously the one stealing the show.

Her bikini was a basic design with spaghetti straps and bottoms that had thicker straps along the sides. She jutted out her hip to give her body a flattering angle as she looked off to the side in the quintessential influencer pose.

Her accessories included a straw hat and a few delicate bangles and necklaces, while she wore her hair in braided pigtails.

She kept her makeup fairly natural, though she wore dark eyeliner as she usually does with light pink lipgloss.

The blonde stunner simply captioned her photo with a star emoji.

Emily wore the same bikini for a video clip posted the next day in which she was seen stepping out of the water as the sun shinned down on her toned figure.

She was enjoying a pool day and allowed her hair to get wet, clearly feeling refreshed from the cool water among such high temperatures.

Rendezvous by Rufus Du Sol played in the background.

Emily wore Inamorata for her Turks and Caicos holiday

Emily is an avid traveler and looking at her social media, it appears as if she’s been on a perpetual vacation all year long.

Of course, all of those places have been beaches with warm temperatures and no clouds in the sky.

In January, Emily went on her first trip of 2023 to Turks and Caicos, where she posed, kneeling in the water as the breeze blew her blonde hair to the side.

She wore a leopard print bikini from Emily Ratajkowski’s swimwear brand Inamorata.

Emily appeared to be wearing the Neptune bottoms in leopard print, which cost $75, though they are not available in that pattern any longer. However, they are available in 12 other gorgeous colors.

Her top was the Las Olas top in leopard print which cost $75 and comes in 22 different colors and patterns.

The swimwear brand recently released new colors for the month of love with a red velvet color, and Sold Dawn, a rose pink color now available.

Keep an eye on Emily’s Instagram for further Mexico and travel updates.

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