Emily Elizabeth sends an ‘xoxo’ from Mexico

emily elizabeth selfie
Emily Elizabeth looked out the window with vast possibilities. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

The future seems bright for Emily Elizabeth, who recently shared a vibrant image while staring out a magnificent window.

Emily always seems to be on the go, and her latest social media post was no exception. 

After spending time in Dubai and soaking up the sun in Turks and Caicos, Emily took things south of the border.

The blonde beauty shared a mysterious Instagram post with her 2.2 million followers, allowing fans to fill in the blanks about what Emily was doing.

The mystifying shot saw Emily peering outdoors with natural light flooding her accommodations.

The New York resident did provide some clues, however.

While posting from Mexico, she added a geotag of Cuixmala, a resort nestled in Jalisco. 

Emily allowed the picture to do the talking, opting for a simple “xoxo” as her caption.

Emily Elizabeth enjoys Cuixmala with a mysterious share

With her back to the camera, Emily rocked a white two-piece with flowy white pants perfect for the warm weather. The high-waisted bottoms paired flawlessly with the white top, contrasting against Emily’s bronzed skin.

Emily’s blonde tresses featured a stylish yet practical bun, with pieces falling from the updo.

Although Emily was a beautiful vision, it was hard to ignore her surroundings.

The lavish estate was the perfect destination for Emily, who appears to have a taste for the finer things in life.

Cuixmala translates to “the soul’s resting place,” and it appears the luxurious hotel lives up to its name.

According to the Cuixmala website, the sprawling estate has three villas from which tourists can choose.

One villa, Casa Torre, has an astounding 11,808 square feet, with an infinity pool and fantastic views, 

Another villa, Casa Alborada, has 13,379 square feet and indoor-outdoor living space.

Finally, Casa La Playa has an astonishing 19,913 square feet for those renting the space.

The resort has undeniable cultural significance, located in the tequila capital of the world.

Speaking of cultural significance, one of recent Emily’s collaborators involved one of the biggest celebrities of the century.

Emily Elizabeth promotes SKIMS

Kim Kardashian used her reality show television success to launch numerous ventures, including SKIMS Shapewear.

The brand has utilized social media marketing, with influencers like Emily wearing stylish shapewear and looking fabulous.

Last month, Emily shared a SKIMS look with incredible city views.

Emily posed on her New York window sill while rocking some of Kim’s SKIMS designs.

The model wore the SKIMS Fits Everybody Crossover Bralette in Ochre, which retails for $34 on the SKIMS website.

She folded one leg and leaned back with outstretched arms while sporting the SKIMS Fits Everybody Full Briefs in Ochre, retailing for $20.

Whether modeling for SKIMS or traveling the globe, Emily Elizabeth keeps things interesting.

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