Emily Elizabeth says ‘it’s been a while’ as she poses by the pool in a white bikini

Emily Elizabeth gazes into the camera.
Emily Elizabeth sported a teeny white bikini that showed off her abs. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth was stunning in a little white bikini for a poolside photo posted online.

The tiny bikini featured thin straps, a plunging neckline, and a little black X design on the top. It accentuated her amazing curves, toned abs, and incredible physique.

Emily wore her long blonde hair loose and let it cascade down her shoulders and behind her back. Her makeup was lovely with long lashes and rosy pink cheeks.

The model was amidst a background that was well-suited for a day of relaxation. The poolside was fenced in and featured chic furniture under a clear blue sky and lush green trees.

Emily posed with one leg bent and the other stretched out as she stared off-camera with a contemplative look. Overall she was gorgeous, athletic, and ready for some fun in the sun.

The influencer posted the photo to Instagram on Monday with the caption, “been a while.”

Emily Elizabeth promotes Roadway Moving

Emily made an “impulsive decision” and moved to New York City with her adorable pup by her side. She thanked Roadway Moving, a moving and storage service, in an Instagram post for helping her with the move.

The star posed with her pup in the photo in front of a large Roadway Moving truck, and the two seemed excited about the change. Emily was ready for the move in comfy leggings that she paired with a little black crop top that featured just one sleeve.

Emily included a discount code for 10% off a move, for any of her fans that decide to use the service.

Roadway Moving provides its services in New York City, Philadelphia, Florida, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.

Emily Elizabeth looks flawless in a black bikini

Emily is known for her gorgeous model photos in bikinis, and even the winter in New York City won’t deter her from that. She posted a stunning photo in a tiny black bikini that highlighted her flawless physique.

The model’s bikini showed off her awe-inspiring abs along with her curves and toned figure. She paired the bikini with a blue hat that looked perfect with the bright blue sky above her.

The skyscrapers behind Emily towered above her and contrasted with the peaceful poolside where she relaxed.

Her nails were painted red and her blonde hair fell behind her shoulders.

Emily posted the look with an orange heart and a blue heart emoji in her caption.

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