Emily Elizabeth reveals future travel plans

Emily Elizabeth selfie

Emily Elizabeth already has pre-summer travel plans, and she’s picked an enviable location with magnificent beaches, white sand, and clear blue water.

The influencer, who has already racked up 2.2 million followers with her stunning bikini pictures and dazzling smile, shared a throwback image of herself lying on a stone railing in front of what appeared to be an open window.

She was enjoying the view down below, which just so happened to look completely stunning, with a refreshing pool, the beige buildings of the hotel, and an ocean that was so blue it looked like it was a screensaver down below.

Of course, the most eye-catching part of the photo was Emily herself, who was lying down and lifted herself up on her elbows to give her toned abs a more flattering angle.

Emily wore a black bikini that featured a low-cut neckline with a V shape in the middle and bottoms that featured several strings on the sides.

She accessorized with a chunky brown bracelet, and her face wasn’t visible but was most likely makeup-free due to the fact that she had obviously taken a dip in the water. Her hair was soaking wet as it cascaded down her back, and clearly, the temperatures were nice and warm as she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to towel off.

Emily was wearing the Manhattan Black V-Cut Top from BoutineLA, which featured the famous X logo on it from the swimwear brand, and it cost $45. Unfortunately, the black version of the top is currently sold out, but there are other colors available, like lime green.

She paired it with the Manhattan Black Triple Strap Bottoms, which, fortunately, are still available and cost $34.

On top of the image, she wrote, “Mexico next week [heart hands emoji].”

Emily Elizabeth in a black string bikini looking at the view of a pool and ocean in Mexico
Emily Elizabeth stunned in a BoutineLA black bikini for a Mexico throwback picture. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth is a big fan of the BoutineLA swimwear brand

BoutineLA is one of Emily’s favorite brands, as it has appeared on her Instagram page several times.

She recently wore it on another beach vacation to Turks and Caicos and was seen standing on a balcony overlooking a deep blue ocean.

The black bikini flattered her toned physique perfectly, and she appeared to be in her element as she was makeup-free with her hair in a messy bun.

Emily clearly agreed as she captioned the post, “in my moment.”

BoutineLA recently dropped new logo clothing and is offering a sale

The swimwear brand is heavily popular with some of social media’s top influencers, including Cindy Prado and Grace Boor.

They recently dropped some new clothing pieces with their new logo print, which features an array of colorful X’s against a white background or white X’s against a darker background.

The new Vanilla Ribbed Logo Print Cut-Out Dress features sexy cut-outs along the sides and is perfect as a dress or beach cover-up. It costs $85 and comes in white or ocean blue.

If you’re a new customer, the brand is currently offering a 30% discount on orders throughout the site.

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