Emily Elizabeth poses in front of screensaver-worthy Maldives background

Emily Elizabeth beach selfie
Emily Elizabeth showed off a bikini shot from her trip to the Maldives. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth appears to be having the best spring possible, starting the year off with a girl’s trip to Mexico and a trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend, Garrett Totten, who proposed on the beach.

Since her Instagram, which has a staggering 2.2 million followers, is full of swimwear photos and poses in front of clear blue ocean water, it’s not surprising she would take these trips as opportunities to get some good shots in.

The influencer, followed by several other big names, including volleyball alum Kayla Simmons, model Hailey Grice, and fellow influencer Morgan Ketzner, showed off another bikini photo from her Maldives getaway to her Instagram Stories.

She wore a white bikini top with a halter neck featuring maroon flowers in the corner and maroon stitching along the edges. She paired it with what appeared to be cotton shorts in the same color and pattern.

Emily often wears her blonde hair in braided pigtails for beach vacations and did just that in her post, though she threw on a straw Panama hat for an added layer of style.

She kept her makeup reasonably natural with dark eyebrows, several layers of mascara, and a glossy lip, while showing off her bronzed complexion.

Emily Elizabeth in a white bikini in front of the ocean
Emily Elizabeth showed off her bronzed complexion in a white bikini in the Maldives. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth flew in first class for her trip to the Maldives

Emily recently posed on the airplane as she returned home from the Maldives, appearing to be living it up in first class while holding a glass of champagne.

Her hair was once again in braided pigtails, and she wore a comfy outfit that featured sweatpants and a simple gray t-shirt while she cuddled up in the massive chairs and showed off all the enviable legroom she had.

It looked like she had an incredible time in first class on the plane with what appeared to be an Ipad, several bottles of Evian water, snacks on a shelf, and her little table.

She captioned the post, “Thank you @biirdeetravel for making my 16 hour flight easy ??.”

Emily booked her First Class flight through Biirdee Travel

Biirdee Travel is a service that matches travelers up with Business and First Class flights, writing on their site, “Why travel with limited legroom? At Biirdee, you can fly Business and First Class to your international destinations for a fraction of the cost.”

They are partnered with all major airlines and will ensure that they take care of everything after booking so you can have a stress-free trip.

On top of booking First Class flights for clients, Biirdee Travel can also charter private jets and offer a phone-in concierge service.

Keep an eye on Emily’s Instagram page; hopefully, she’ll post some wedding-planning content soon.

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