Emily Elizabeth is ‘golden’ in gorgeous natural lighting

Emily Elizabeth spent another day in a bikini. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

From the outside looking in, Emily Elizabeth seems to have the life many people dream of, with her fabulous figure and beautiful looks.

Emily, who has become well-known as a beautiful and talented influencer, has managed to use her appearance and charm as a career. 

Recently, she shared a delightful video on her social media, but Emily wasn’t advertising a product. Instead, it appeared that Emily was simply having a well-deserved good time.

The video, posted on Instagram, featured Emily looking radiant and carefree in the sunlight, seemingly soaking up all its goodness.

Although Emily turns her visible like count off, it would be fair to assume that a decent amount of her 2.1 million followers appreciated her efforts.

And while fans couldn’t see the like count, the comments section was open for business. 

Emily Elizabeth soaks up the golden sun

Emily wore a black and white bikini as she struck a few poses in the comforts of an apartment. 

Sitting on a plush couch with a neutral color, Emily ran her fingers through her hair and appeared relaxed.

The blonde bombshell rocked a stylish bikini that looked supportive with white straps, a black bodice, and a white lining on the chest. The bottoms were high-cut, with white near the waist and dark material on the rest of the garment.

The beauty of the video was not just in Emily’s stunning bikini. The breathtaking scenery of her simplistic surroundings added to the wondrous nature of the post.

Emily let the content speak for itself, choosing a simple caption that read, “golden.”

And golden was the perfect description of Emily’s afternoon sunbathing session.

Emily seemed to be in her element with her signature chill vibe. She added to this energy by selecting the song Die For You by Joji.

Long-time fans may have noticed her swanky apartment in the clip. Emily recently moved to New York, and in true influencer fashion, she snagged a promotion deal.

Emily Elizabeth promotes Roadway Moving 

When Emily chose to move from Newport Beach to Manhattan, she knew just the company to call. She secured the services of Roadway Moving to get her from Point A to Point B. 

As it turns out, Roadway Moving is the number one moving company in New York City. The company specializes in coast-to-coast moves, making it a natural choice for Emily. And as a bonus, Roadway Moving secured publicity from the influencer.                                     

Emily’s caption read, “Shout out to @roadwaymoving for getting me through this crazy impulsive decision to move back to NYC!”

She also provided her fans with a discount code in case they were looking to move.

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