Emily Elizabeth is glowing and bringing ‘Happy Friday’ vibes

emily elizabeth selfie
Emily Elizabeth rocked a colorful bikini. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth started her weekend off on the right foot as she ushered in the holidays from an exotic destination.

The social media sensation took to Instagram with fresh content and an exciting new influencing deal.

It seems that Emily is stacking up the brand deals and taking her 2.3 million Instagram followers along for the ride.

For Emily’s latest post, she checked in from the Maldives, posing on the bed of a luxurious villa.

Emily teamed up with Bydee Australia to create a visually stunning shot worthy of a magazine cover.

Of course, the picture featured Emily’s signature glowing aesthetic, including a sun-kissed appearance and a hint of mystery.

Emily Elizabeth promotes Bydee

Emily’s latest collaboration saw her joining forces with a company that names swimsuits after exotic destinations. Since most of Emily’s social media content occurs at scenic spots worldwide, she was a natural fit to be a Bydee Australia model.

Bydee, founded by Dessy Hairis in 2013, touts sustainable practices and high-quality products. 

Models like Emily have drawn attention to the ethical yet exquisite designs, including her latest post.

In the post, Emily wore the Bydee Barcelona Top in Portofino, a colorful top inspired by the artisanal tiling of Italy, retailing for $79. Hanging from the bodice was a zinc-alloy charm featuring a postage stamp from the European country. 

The model paired the top with the Malaga Bottom in Portofino, a stringy bottom with hip ties that retails for $69.

Emily lounged on a bed as sunlight poured through a window, creating an undeniable glow.

Emily’s caption was simple, reading, “Happy Friday.”

If Emily’s swimsuit looked familiar — fans might recall that influencer Alexa Collins has regularly worked with Bydee.

In fact, Alexa revealed that Bydee bikinis were one of her all-time favorites.

Alexa Collins shares favorite Bydee designs

When it comes to wearing bikinis, few people wear more swimsuits than Alexa Collins.

And judging from a recent share by the blonde beauty, it’s easy to see why Alexa feels comfortable in swimming attire.

Alexa took to her social media to share an informative post, where she modeled three bikinis from Bydee.

As Alexa explained in the video, the new styles joined her regular rotation as favorite items.

Each top that Alexa presented retailed for $79, and each bottom has a price tag of $69.

Alexa started with the Prague Top in Cabana, paired with the Prague Bottoms in Cabana. 

Next, Alexa changed into the Bydee Ventura Top in Salsa, paired with the Cyprus Bottoms in Salsa.

The model closed out the share with the Ibiza Top in Salsa and the Malaga Bottoms in Salsa.

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