Emily Elizabeth basks in sunlight to ‘keep it simple’

Emily Elizabeth face
Emily Elizabeth is enjoying a lazy day. Pic credit: @emmilyelizabethh/Instagram

Emily Elizabeth’s beauty is anything but basic, yet the model decided to keep things simple with a stunning post on her social media.

The model has a blessed life, but sometimes Emily keeps things laid-back. It appears that Emily’s 2.1 million Instagram followers appreciate her content, whether she is inside relaxing or outside having an adventure.

In fact, that duality between casual and chic likely propelled Emily to success.

Such was the case in a recent social media post, with the beautiful influencer basking under the sun while lounging on her bed.

Emily’s latest post was a perfect example of the ethereal image she has carefully crafted over the years.

As natural light poured in through the window, Emily struck a pose, looking effortlessly flawless.

Emily Elizabeth is glowing under the sun from her Manhattan apartment

Emily’s most recent post saw her lounging on her bed while wearing a light-colored dress. Emily extended her arms and rested her head with platinum blonde tresses falling elegantly by her side. She had a serene expression on her face, with lavish lashes and rosy cheeks.

Behind her, semi-sheer curtains offered a glimpse at the bustling city life of New York.

Emily’s yellow walls and minimalist aesthetic promoted feelings of peace and tranquility in the apartment. There was a definite contrast between the outside world and the cozy vibe of the model’s room.

Emily’s caption read, “Keep it simple.”

Overall, the social media post was very on-brand for the blonde beauty.

Emily added a geotag of Manhattan, New York, to the share, where she has resided for six months. While Emily has spent a lot of time in California, she recently moved to New York on a whim and secured a brand deal in the process.

Emily Elizabeth moves to New York with Roadway Moving

In September, Emily and her precious puppy made the impulsive decision to move from Newport Beach, California, all the way to Manhattan.

A cross-country move might seem like a harrowing experience, but luckily, Emily had some help.

The model found a company that specialized in cross-country moves, Roadway Moving.

As the number one moving company in New York City, it seems like Emily made a wise decision. And as a bonus, she got the chance to promote a company with an influencing deal.

Emily praised the company in a caption accompanying the post, sharing a discount code for fans. The good news was that anyone could utilize the discount, even commoners without massive social media followings.

Since the big move, Emily has posted frequently from her luxurious accommodations, including with her share today.

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