Elsa Hosk teases Helsa drop in white button-down shirt and tiny miniskirt

Elsa Hosk in miniskirt
Elsa Hosk is seen looking amazing in her blue miniskirt. Pic credit:© Collin/Image Press Agency

Elsa Hosk is not just a supermodel but a true style icon. Known for her cool-girl style, fans can’t seem to get enough of Elsa’s fashion sense. 

She was seen out on the town giving a chic schoolgirl look. The ex-Victoria’s Secret model wore a white button-down at least three sizes bigger than her small frame. She left a few buttons open around the neckline and the cuffs on the sleeves.  

The model paired the top with a pleated blue skirt over her shirt. The miniskirt had an interesting fold-over detailing that flattered her tiny waist. The skirt had exposed pockets to highlight the length of the outfit.

For her shoes, she wore black loafers with scrunched socks for a preppy look. 

She kept her accessories simple, sporting black sunglasses and a white handbag.

For her hair, she kept it simple and wore her shoulder-length hair down in a blunt bob.

Elsa Hosk bundles up for fall  

While her fans seem to love her skimpy outfits, she always seems to give her clothes an editorial appeal. On Instagram, the supermodel was bringing in Scorpio season the way that only she could pull off.

Elsa was seen wearing an oversized vinyl coat. The coat went down to her ankles, almost reaching the floor. The ensemble included exaggerated shoulder pads and a belt to cinch her waist perfectly. 

She wore socks and black loafers and accessorized the outfit with a matching black bag.

Elsa Hosk launches her newest collaboration  

Elsa is known for her looks and her beauty, so it’s no surprise that she would do a fashion line. Recently she decided to take on a new venture with actress Shay Michell and do a collaboration with Shay’s brand Beis.

Elsa took to Instagram, looking amazing as ever, posting one of the brand’s promotional shoots. She was seen wearing a grey floral blazer and strappy silver heels. In her hand, she carried the bags that were a part of the collaboration.

When talking to her followers about the brand, she admitted that she never bought a diaper bag. She never liked the look of them so she couldn’t bring herself to buy them. She explained that her frustration sparked the idea for the collaboration.

“I said let’s make a baby collection of bags that are chic enough for moms to wear around even after the baby is out of diapers, to bring to the beach, or on travels, or to work, with ALL THE FUNCTION and all the cool factor!” 

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