Elsa Hosk sizzles on vacation with incredible scenery

elsa hosk
Elsa Hosk sizzles on vacation as she shares pictures of the incredible scenery. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Elsa Hosk enjoyed a lazy day, but her version of inactivity looks a bit different than most.

The Swedish stunner has been living it up in a bikini for more than a week, as she enjoyed a well-deserved vacation.

Luckily for her 8.2 million Instagram followers, she has kept fans in the loop regarding her activities.

Elsa’s latest share featured a three-photo post while posing in paradise and enjoying the scenery.

In the Instagram post, she enjoyed a chic picnic, nestled away from the public while bathing in the sun.

The first image showed Elsa sitting underneath a tree wearing a white bikini.

The white bikini had red floral embroidery, adding a feminine vibe to the two-piece. Elsa’s bikini top had an underwire and a V-shape in the center of the bodice. The bottoms matched perfectly, with tie straps on her hips.

Elsa Hosk in a bikini enjoys a lazy day

Elsa paired the look with a beautiful headscarf that was orange with white designs.

She sat on a large white and gray striped towel and struck a few poses while the ocean behind her looked calm, with small waves touching the surface.

The second image featured Elsa smiling with her eyes closed and her hands on her face as the sun kissed her skin, adding a glowing effect to the shot.

Finally, Elsa grabbed one of the tasty snacks that rested in front of her and took a bite.

Elsa’s caption read, “Nothing to do and all day to do it???.”

But when she isn’t busy on vacation, Elsa has a lot to do because she recently launched a clothing line.

Elsa Hosk talks Helsa Studio

As a fashion model, launching a fashion brand was a no-brainer for Elsa, who has been intimately involved in different aspects of the industry for more than a decade.

As Elsa explained to Harper’s Bazaar, the clothing line was a natural progression for the 34-year-old beauty.

Elsa revealed, “Being a model, you’re supposed to make whatever you’re wearing work and look good. In doing that, you see very clearly when you actually don’t have to work. When the outfit is truly great, it does the work for you.”

She added, “That’s what I wanted to create for Helsa.”

Helsa, also known as Helsa Studio, has seen great success since the model launched the brand last year.

If 2023 is anything like 2022, then Elsa has a lot of success on the horizon.

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