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Elsa Hosk in skintight pink bodysuit lounges in bed

Elsa Hosk's skin looks radiant.
Elsa Hosk’s skin looks radiant. Pic credit: ©

Elsa Hosk lounged in bed wearing a skintight pink bodysuit.

The Swedish model was photographed by Pierre-Ange Carlotti wearing a hot pink skintight catsuit and some key accessories from the new GCDS collection.

Some of those accessories included a pair of furry pink boots and some tight high vinyl boots with heels in the shape of fangs.

Hosk’s lips were bright red, and her blonde hair was parted to the side as she lay in bed next to a red handbag.

This photoshoot was shot in Paris. Masae Ito is the amazing makeup artist behind this look, and Tomohiro Ohashi is the hairstylist.

The 33-year-old model looked showstopping posing for this new campaign.

Elsa Husk’s campaign for GCDS

GCDS debuted a makeup line in 2018, and the following year the company expanded its offering to eyewear by signing a five-year license with Marcolin for production and global distribution.

Giuliano Calza, the brand’s creative director, announced he watched plenty of movies during the pandemic, and Bram Stroker’s 1992 film Dracula was among them. Thanks to this, he decided to reimagine the gothic tale and create some edgy footwear like the vinyl boots Hosk wore in the pictures, among other creations.

Elsa Hosk talks about motherhood

The former Victoria’s Secret model has been in a relationship with British businessman Tom Daly since 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter Tuulikki Joan Dalt in February 2021.

She got pregnant in the middle of the pandemic and said it was sometimes isolating. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she stated, “During the lockdown, I got to really sit with my feelings and connect with myself (and my growing belly) in a way that I had never had the chance to before. It was a very spiritual experience, and the more I felt, connected, and listened to my gut — and to her inside — the more empowered I felt in my own body.”

Despite being somewhat new to motherhood, Hosk has not slowed down one bit. She has a new clothing line on the way.

She also spoke about the fact she is now over 30 and still in the fashion and modeling industry, “I had always been scared of having a baby because I grew up in this industry where after 30, you were ‘over’ as a model… But today, the fashion industry is so different. Being a mother, I think, adds to that; it gives you a new lane, a new dimension, a new understanding, and a new perspective.”

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