Ellie Thumann stuns in pink latex minidress

Ellie Thumann's skin being sunkissed
Ellie Thumann’s skin being sunkissed. Pic credit: @elliethumann/Instagram

Ellie Thumann takes our breath away in a pink latex minidress.

She is definitely the real-life definition and example of Barbie.

Who doesn’t like a latex dress? The YouTuber shares pictures of herself posing wearing an iconic baby pink dress.

This latex dress hugs Thumann’s physique perfectly. The mini dress allows her legs to appear even longer.

Her blonde hair seems to be styled in a ponytail, making her shoulder blades pop.

To accessorize this iconic look, she decided to wear a gold necklace and a pair of white-heeled sandals.

Ellie Thumann looks like a Barbie in recent pictures

The 20-year-old has a following of over 1.7 million.

She is very well known in the fashion YouTube community for her amazing content on said platform, as well as on Instagram, making her a very young influencer with a great future ahead of her.

The Instagram model was born in Arizona, however, she just recently moved to Los Angeles, California this year. She has always had a passion for fashion, beauty, and modeling, which lead her to become a model and be represented by IMG Models Worldwide.

Not long ago she sat down with New Beauty to talk about two products she developed with Beaubble.

When asked about how she thinks modeling has shaped her look, from makeup to fashion style, she said, “I definitely think growing up doing different photoshoots and jobs and being a part of that has made me figure out my personal style and the way that I do my makeup because I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing different makeup artists and stylists and try on different outfits that through that process I was able to figure out what I really like while also being able to experiment.

Are Ellie Thumann and Emma Chamberlain still friends?

Thumann is also a very close friend of fellow YouTuber, Hannah Meloche. The two of them used to be very close with now very successful, Emma Chamberlain.

Although none of them have confirmed the situation, it is quite clear the trio of YouTubers is now a duo.

The closest we have to figure out what happened is thanks to something Chamberlain said once; “Four of my best friends are YouTubers, but that’s just a coincidence. I’ve been backstabbed multiple times—literally, at least 10, just off the top of my head—by other YouTubers, and it’s awful.”

Who do you think she’s talking about?

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