Ellie Thumann shows off abs in a thigh skimming miniskirt

Eli Thumann
Ellie Thumann stuns in a tiny mini skirt. Pic credit: @elliethumann/Instagram

YouTuber Ellie Thumann had some fun during New York Fashion Week 2022.

Thumann wore various incredible outfits during this fashionable time of the year and made sure to capture it all for one of her videos.

In a recent picture, she put on a classic and basic black crop top to show off her incredibly slim waist.

To add a little edge and show off her long legs, she wore a black leather mini skirt that with some metallic silver dots all around the waistline and buckles on one side of the skirt.

To accessorize the look, she put on a bright pink beret on top of her blonde hair with some loose curls at the very ends, as well as two pearl necklaces.

The social media personality wore this stylish outfit to do a photoshoot with one of her best friends, Hannah Meloche, who she has been close with for quite some time.

Ellie Thumann shares a behind-the-scenes photo

The duo was actually a trio, back in 2018, when they were publicly very close with fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, who since then, has gained a crazy amount of followers and success. For some unknown reason to the public, Meloche and Thumann seemed to have stopped hanging out with Chamberlain, but the duo continues to be very public about their friendship.

Thumann shared a behind-the-scenes photo on her Instagram Stories. She now has 1.7 million followers on the platform and 2.22 million on her YouTube channel.

She included some text on the story that said, “fashion week vlog is up,” as well as included a link to said video.

Ellie Thumann
Ellie Thumann shows off her abs and legs in mini skirt. @elliethumann/Instagram

Ellie Thumann looks fashionable in Oregon

The 20-year-old was just in New York City but now she finds herself in Oregon, specifically Cannon Beach.

Thumann recently shared some pictures wearing a black tank top, showing off her abs, and covering herself up with a chic beige vest. To finish off this look, she put on some light blue Bermuda shorts that she matched with her socks and some black leather boots.

She wore her blonde hair in a slick ponytail and accessorized with a couple of silver rings adorning her fingers, as well as some necklaces.

The YouTuber posed in the middle of the woods, as well as on top of a wooden table, to show her followers the casual and outdoorsy outfit she was wearing that day.

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