Elle Macpherson in white swimsuit to promote her wellness brand

Elle Macpherson close up
Elle Macpherson proved why she has the nickname “The Body” as she showed off her slim frame in a white swimsuit. Pic credit: ©

Elle Macpherson was more than just a guest star on Friends; she was a household name in the 80s and 90s, nabbing a record five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers, which is more than any other model.

After so many Sports Illustrated covers, Elle received the nickname “The Body” and channeled that into a highly successful career as one of the world’s most recognized supermodels.

She still shows off her incredible bikini body to her 673k Instagram followers at the age of 58, and you would never guess her age if you saw her taking a stroll on the beach.

Of course, it’s not surprising she has managed to stay so fit all these years with how well she takes care of herself, and she’s even started her wellness brand, WelleCo.

In her most recent Instagram post, Elle stood in front of a mountain of white sand, looking like she was in the desert, though it was most likely a beach.

She looked like an absolute warrior in a glowing white one-piece swimsuit with a white scarf that blew behind her in the strong wind.

Her lithe figure looked incredible with a glowing tan and muscular legs that she showed off as she stood tall.

Her honey-blonde hair blew behind her as she threw her head back to hydrate with a WelleCo. water bottle.

Elle Macpherson advertised WelleCo’s 30 Days Welle rest program

In the caption, Elle announced the new 30 Days Welle reset that starts on January 16. She wrote, “By committing to a simple routine, you will feel grounded, strong and vital, allowing your year to continue in the same empowering way it starts ✨⁠.”

The 30 Days Welle reset includes two teaspoons of The Super Elixir every day, which can be put in the WelleCo hydrator bottle. Additionally, if you sign up, you’ll receive daily emails with reminders, affirmations, tips, recipes, and movement sessions.

The Super Elixir is one of WelleCo’s best-selling products and comes in four different flavors of 300-gram bags that cost $68.

The product lives up to its name as it supports 11 systems in the body, including “immune and digestive systems to hair, skin and nail health.”

With just two teaspoons a day, your body will have more energy, clearer skin, and stronger hair and nails.

Elle spoke to Body + Soul about her daily meditation practice

It’s not just supplements and healthy eating that Elle focuses on, but her mental health as well. Last year, she spoke to Body + Soul, a media outlet in Australia, where she revealed her daily meditation practice.

She told them she meditates for 25 minutes daily, either guided or silent, and practices mindfulness by spending time in nature.

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