Elizabeth Hurley wows fans as she fits into same dress 13 years later: ‘How do you look even better?’

elizabeth hurley BOVET 1822 Brilliant is Beautiful Gala
Elizabeth is still a knockout at 58. Pic credit: © Keith Mayhew/Landmark Media

Elizabeth Hurley continues to captivate her fans with her timeless beauty and style.

The British beauty gained popularity in the 1990s as an actress and model and has kept her fans’ attention ever since.

Although Elizabeth lives a more subdued lifestyle out of the public eye these days, she still makes the occasional appearance at high-profile events.

The 58-year-old stunner’s latest event was the New York City premiere of her latest movie, Strictly Confidential, written and directed by her son, Damian Hurley.

Elizabeth wowed her fans when she revealed that for her latest red carpet appearance, she wore the same dress from an event 13 years prior.

The Austin Powers star shared side-by-side photos of herself donning the same shimmery beige Versace gown, first in 2011, then again last week at her movie premiere, and she looked equally as stunning in both photos.

Elizabeth Hurley turns heads as she shares side-by-side photos taken 13 years apart

In the caption, Elizabeth told her followers, “Phew, it still fits. I love finding dresses I’ve worn in the past and of which I have happy memories and wearing them again to something special.”

“I first wore this @versace dress in 2011 to a charity event in London and then again last week in NY to the premiere of @strictlyconfidentialmovie 🩷 If you can still fit into it- it ain’t broke 🩷🩷🩷,” she continued, adding the hashtags #versace, #movies, #appletv, #primevideo, and #premiere.

Hundreds of thousands of Elizabeth’s fans liked the post, and thousands more flocked to the comments section to express their disbelief that Elizabeth not only fit into the same dress but that she looked just as red-hot in it 13 years later.

Elizabeth’s fans demand to know how she has managed to maintain her phenomenal physique

“How!?” asked actress and singer Victoria Ekanoye. “How do you look even better 13 years later?”

More of Elizabeth’s fans posed similar questions, asking whether she had found the fountain of youth.

The dress’s designer herself, Donatella Versace, also showed up in the comments to let Elizabeth know that she looks “SO beautiful always and forever.”

elizabeth hurley's instagram followers comment on her post
Elizabeth’s fans were in shock and awe. Pic credit: @elizabethhurley1/Instagram

Chiming in, too, was Elizabeth’s son, Damian, who added, “Moral of the story: Trust @Donnatella_Versace.”

@depolloman told Elizabeth that she’s aging like “fine wine” and looks “even better now.”

“Good Lord. Stunning. Like staring into an eclipse, will ruin my eyes for normal vision,” added yet another admirer.

One Instagram user commented that the Estee Lauder spokesmodel looks even “BETTER today” and demanded to know how that is so.

Elizabeth shares how she stays in shape

Elizabeth has shared some insight into her trick for maintaining her sensational beauty and figure as she ages gracefully.

Earlier this year, Elizabeth posted a set of swimsuit photos and, in the caption, acknowledged that she gets asked quite a bit about how she stays in such magnificent shape.

For Elizabeth, her mantra is “don’t eat too much, too fast, too often or too late.”

Elizabeth makes sure her meals are smaller, she chews properly, she doesn’t snack, and she eats dinner earlier in the day.

She admittedly doesn’t incorporate supplements into her diet unless blood tests warrant them, and she makes sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies — in fact, half of every plate she eats contains one or the other.

As far as exercise is concerned, Elizabeth doesn’t go to the gym or do any specific exercises, but she makes sure to move plenty and stays “extremely active.”

“There endeth the sermon,” Elizabeth concluded her caption. “Let me know if this makes sense for you 💗💗💗💗💗.”

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