Elizabeth Hurley poses in a butter-yellow bikini while continuing to enjoy her pretend vacation

Elizabeth Hurley The Womens Cancer Research Fund held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
Elizabeth Hurley dominated social media again this week while posing in tiny yellow bikini. Pic credit: ©

Elizabeth Hurley has been taking advantage of her stay-cation to ensure that her fans are still getting plenty of eye-fulls of her toned physique.

Elizabeth recently announced on Instagram that she was taking a pretend vacation

The 56-year-old star, who revealed just over a year ago that she was still traumatized by a robbery incident, just posted her second bikini pic in two days, posing in a gorgeous, buttery-yellow bikini and an open, white button-down shirt.

Taking up what appears to be a trend this winter among celebs, Elizabeth wore the summery-yellow swimwear with an air of confidence as she leaned against a tree with the beach in the background.

The actress captioned the shot saying, “I’m wearing a Sunshine Bikini and a white, cheesecloth Beach Shirt today, on my pretend vacation in the Maldives – both available on ???.”

She concluded her caption by saying in real life she was wearing “ten layers of fleece” while braving the cold in Herefordshire, England.

As with her other bikini-clad shots, her latest body display garnered tons of attention from fans who flocked to her site to post flame and heart emojis in her comment section.

Elizabeth wrapped filming of her new movie Christmas in the Caribbean in December

The actress finished filming her latest flick in December, suffering a sprained ankle at the end of shooting which barely slowed her down as she continued to share sizzling photos on Instagram.

The movie will chronicle the journey of an abandoned British bride as she finds new love in the Caribbean while spending time with her bridesmaids after being dumped.

Elizabeth has also seen career success in television, playing Queen Helena in The Royals and Morgan le Fay in Runaways.

Pic credit: @elizabethhurley1/Instagram

The actress celebrated getting vaccinated by posting a leopard-print bikini pic

The stunning beauty seems to enjoy sharing her skin-baring photos, even when marking an important life event.

Elizabeth rocked a leopard-print bikini to announce she had gotten her booster shot for Covid-19, writing, “Yeeeessssss! Covid booster today. Thank you ❤️” next to the photo of herself wearing the swim attire on the beach.

While it’s unclear as to what project she will pursue next, it remains fairly certain that Elizabeth will likely continue to give her followers visions of summertime on her Instagram site as winter drags out.

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