Elizabeth Hurley ‘back in a bikini’ while blowing kisses to the mirror

Elizabeth Hurley attends a gala.
Elizabeth Hurley thrilled her fans as she got back into bikini mode. Pic credit: © KeithMayhew/LandmarkMedia 

After a week-long hiatus, Elizabeth Hurley was back online again to keep her fans engaged.

Having spent the last two months sharing mostly glam looks as she got made up behind the scenes and posed for various projects, Elizabeth took her account back into the hot zone with her latest share.

With her last bikini snap having been taken back in late summer, the Bedazzled and Christmas in the Caribbean actress, 57, took the internet by storm once again as she brightened up the dreary late fall with a stunning new shot.

Posing in what looked to be her bathroom, Elizabeth sizzled and looked as incredible as ever as she showed off her amazing figure.

The star appeared to be re-wearing one of her favorite bikinis, a gorgeous turquoise number that sports chain-link connectors along her mid-bust and the sides of her hips.

Elizabeth wore the same two-piece in August, giving some hip wiggles in a short video clip before jumping into cold water for a frigid plunge.

Looking to be in the same amazing shape she was nearly four months ago, Elizabeth once again proved that she is the queen of rocking bikinis in any kind of weather with her latest post.

Elizabeth Hurley blows kisses while bikini-clad

Seen giving her best hip-popping poses for her looped video clip, Elizabeth glowed as she held up her phone to capture her bikini moment.

Showing off her flat abs and toned legs, the actress employed the use of two mirrors for her video, standing in front of a vanity mirror while also getting some angles in a smaller makeup mirror that hung close by.

Twisting her lower body back and forth to add some sultry vibes to her shot, Elizabeth smiled at the lens.

She then jumped to a clip of herself leaning forward slightly while blowing an air kiss as she captioned the post, “Back in a bikini ❤️.”

While the star looks undeniably sensational these days, it wasn’t long ago that Elizabeth felt she needed to work a bit harder to get her body in shape after suffering an ankle injury while filming in the Caribbean last year.

Elizabeth Hurley detoxes for weight loss

As shared by Monsters and Critics earlier this spring, Elizabeth’s injury set her back in terms of being able to do more hardcore workouts.

“I don’t weigh myself but my jeans were objecting violently to being done up so something had to be done,” she shared in an Instagram post at the time.

She went on to say that she had revisited a wellness spa in Austria to help kick-start her health journey before adding a photo of a meager meal.

“I think I’m glad to be here….” she captioned the shot, which showed a tiny serving of broccoli and carrots next to a small bowl of gravy just above the tag for the Vivamayr spa.

When she isn’t resorting to more severe dieting due to injuries, Elizabeth still ensures that she watches what she eats.

Elizabeth Hurley drinks water and waxes

As reported by the Daily Mail, part of Elizabeth’s daily ritual is to get the day started off by drinking a glass of warm water to kickstart her digestive system and stay hydrated.

Next, she exfoliates her skin before hopping into a cold shower, claiming that French women do this daily and it keeps their bodies “perkier.”

Elizabeth also touts the use of fake tanner, saying it keeps the skin healthier than actual suntanning and gives her an added glow.

She also said she gets unwanted hairs waxed off as much as possible.

“Body hair and ‘sexy’ cannot be synonymous in my book, so I recommend whipping off as much as you dare,” she joked.

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