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Elizabeth Banks shows off curves in bikini, says ‘cheese, wine and chocolate’ more important than flat tummy

Elizabeth Banks closeup
Elizabeth Banks is stunning in a sweet bikini in Greece. Pic credit: © Hirata/HollywoodNewsWire

When Elizabeth Banks goes on vacation, she makes sure to really enjoy everything about it — from the sun and surf to the cheese, wine, and chocolate.

The Hunger Games star shared a few pictures from her recent vacation in Greece on her Instagram Stories to show off what a great time she had.

Based on her message, it seems Elizabeth might have been feeling a bit insecure about her body, but she looked fabulous and was clearly really enjoying herself.

In the first photo, the 48-year-old stunner looked joyful in a cute blue and white bikini with a top that was tied in the middle. She looked to be skipping down a narrow path that cut down the middle of a slim stretch of rocky beach leading to the water with one hand up for balance.

Elizabeth wore her hair back off her face and accessorized the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses. Despite throwing caution to the wind, she looked fantastic with long, tanned legs and a tiny waist.

She wrote, “I [decided] cheese, wine, and chocolate were more important on this trip than a flat tummy.”

Elizabeth Banks in a bikini
Elizabeth Banks can’t stop smiling in a bikini in Greece. Pic credit: @elizabethbanks/Instagram

Elizabeth Banks says beware of sharp rocks

In the second photo shared to her Instagram Stories, Elizabeth Banks, still rocking that adorable blue and white bikini, had both arms out for balance.

She wrote, “Also rocks be sharp in Greece,” to point out that even though she was on a paved trail, it was still tough to walk on with bare feet.

Though it’s a safe bet that she would have had a much harder time walking without shoes on the larger rocks and boulders that lined the side of the trail all the way down to the water.

Elizabeth Banks in a bikini
Elizabeth Banks tiptoes in a bikini. Pic credit: @elizabethbanks/Instagram

Elizabeth Banks rocks a cherry-print bikini during Greece trip

The ruffled blue bikini wasn’t the only one Elizabeth Banks was rocking in Greece. She also turned heads in a gorgeous cherry-print bikini for the international trip.

In a video shared while on the trip, the Press Your Luck host struggled with the wind, which was blowing her hair everywhere and made recording a video very difficult.

In yet another photo from the Greece vacation, Elizabeth didn’t even pose. Instead, she let the country’s beauty speak for itself.

Elizabeth captioned that photo, “Ok Greece, I get it. You’re gorgeous.” Indeed, it really is and so is she.