Elizabeth Banks in skintight red dress promotes work on Trevor Noah

elizabeth banks skintight
Elizabeth Banks goes skintight to appear with Trevor Noah and promote Call Jane. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Elizabeth Banks is back and better than ever as the movie star continues to promote her new film.

The actress posted an amusing clip before her late-night appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

She added the video jointly with the Instagram account for The Daily Show.

Elizabeth, who has worked as a comedic actress with great success, added her flair for the funny in the latest video, with a surprise appearance by Trevor.

Her latest share came a few days after the Los Angeles premiere of Call Jane, which she attended with other stars of the film, including Sigourney Weaver.

Elizabeth took things to her native East Coast, and her outfit reflected that destination change with warmer attire than she sported at the Hollywood premiere. The 30 Rock alum looked sophisticated in dark red as she geared up for her next appearance.

Elizabeth Banks stuns before The Daily Show appearance

Elizabeth looked fabulous in a dark red dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. The midi dress featured an asymmetrical hem and a slight thigh slit.

Her sweater dress had a cutout above the bodice, showing a little bit of skin but keeping things classy. Elizabeth’s blonde hair was in a glamorous updo with a side part and a lot of volume.

She wore chunky gold hoop earrings and very light makeup as she mouthed words with an English accent.

The video started with the English accent wondering, “What’s your drink of choice?” However, the subtitles over the clip read, “What are you doing tonight?”

Next, the voice answered, “Negroni,” although the text read, “A talk show.”

The text and voice were in alignment for the next part of the clip, which said, “I was gonna say the same thing.”

The video then referenced Prosecco, with text that mentioned Trevor Noah, who appeared simultaneously.

Elizabeth Banks’ new film Call Jane

Elizabeth’s latest movie, Call Jane, is about a woman with an unwanted pregnancy who cannot terminate it legally.

The comedy-drama followed the woman as she tried to get the medical procedure.

The period piece took place in the sixties, but as the stars revealed, the topic was more relevant now than ever.

Elizabeth told Movie Fone, “That’s another thing that I think the movie really tries to hammer home, that the constitutional right to private decisions about the direction of one’s life is in our constitution.”

Call Jane comes out in theaters on October 28.

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