Elizabeth Banks gives off tropical vibes on Mexico vacation

Elizabeth Banks at an awards event.
Elizabeth Banks showed off her bikini body while on vacation in Mexico. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Elizabeth Banks brought her vacation vibes to the internet as she shared a tropical-inspired video clip from a recent trip to Mexico.

The Cocaine Bear director, who made a huge splash with the inspired-by-a-true-story flick that brought in an impressive $52 million at the box office, has seemingly been enjoying a much-deserved get-away.

The 49-year-old star recently shared a stunning snap from her time abroad as she sported just the skin she was born in for a sunset selfie and The 40-Year-Old Virgin actress gave fans another reason to stop doom scrolling with her recent post.

Kicking off her short clip in a fun bikini, Elizabeth showed off her lean and toned figure while slaying in a cherry-decorated two-piece with a white background.

Spaghetti straps made up the top of the bikini and a string at the bust attached the two cup pieces together, the white, red, and green coloring of the suit contrasting nicely against Elizabeth’s glowing skin.

Elizabeth wore a straw hat on her head and sipped what looked like a fruity beverage.

Elizabeth Banks rocks a cherry bikini and flowy dresses during her Mexican vacation

Working in a drink segment in which she showed off some of the tropical liquids she was sipping during her vacation, Elizabeth then cut to a clip of herself wearing a stunning maxi dress with a flowy, silken material.

“Happy walk post-mezcal Negroni,” she penned on the clip before cutting to showing herself holding a glass of Spicy Paloma and a giant mug of Juga de Verde, or green juice.

Mixing things up, she later shared a snippet of a whole coconut she was sipping near the beach and then gave fans a peek at the company she was keeping on her trip, clinking glasses with Cocaine Bear actress Keri Russell.

Elizabeth finished off her video with a capture of one last bike ride, holding the camera out to let fans see the winding road in front of her before she turned it to face her so her flowy top and beaming smile could be seen.

When she isn’t in front of or behind the cameras, or reveling in a faraway trip, Elizabeth lends her famous face and name to other side projects she holds close to her heart, recently partnering with Archer Roose Wine for a new collaboration.

Elizabeth Banks partners with Archer Roose Wine to help expand the brand

As reported by Cision PR Newswire, Elizabeth joined the wine company two years ago as their Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer.

Started in 2014, Archer Roose was created by couple Marian Leitner-Waldman and David Waldman in an effort to bring their personal wine passions to life.

The decision to add Elizabeth to the label seemed to be an easy one for the couple, with Marian saying, “We are thrilled to have Elizabeth Banks join us as we enter into the next chapter of the Archer Roose story. Archer Roose was founded on authentic relationships and pride in craftsmanship.”

She continued, adding, “Elizabeth embodies both of those values and we are honored to have her as our new partner and all that she brings to the table: creativity, fresh perspectives, and a shared mission of shaping the world for the better.”

For her part, Elizabeth said that the partnership was equally important to her as it allowed her to share her vision with the populace.

“I have always loved wine but wanted to make it more accessible and build a brand that would resonate with women,” she said. “When I realized that Marian’s gambit was to put really good wine into cans, I thought about my own life and all the incredible shared moments with family and friends – a beach day, a ski trip – and how it would be great to pull a Sauvignon Blanc out of a cooler for a change.”

A look at the Archer Roose website shows that the brand offers a variety of wines, with flavors ranging from a fruity Bubbly Rose to a citrus Sauvignon Blanc to a floral Pinot Grigio.

Prices on the canned wines are nearly all identical, with a 12-pack going for $64 and a pack of 24 for $120.

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