Eli Manning net worth: How much money did Manning make as he prepares to retire?

Eli Manning net worth: How much money did Manning make as he prepares to retire?
Eli Manning is retiring from the NFL. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Globe-Photos

As the 2020 NFL season nears its end, there are a few superstar quarterbacks who might be moving to new teams. It doesn’t look like Eli Manning will be one of them.

While both Tom Brady and Philip Rivers appear ready to move on to a new team for the first time in their career, Manning reportedly will retire having played for no other team than the New York Giants.

ESPN reported that Manning will choose to retire on Friday.

Eli Manning’s career

Eli Manning started his NFL career in controversy. The San Diego Chargers drafted him, but Manning said he refused to play for them and would not report to San Diego.

As a result, the New York Giants drafted Philip Rivers, and the two teams traded the quarterbacks to each other. Both men played for their original teams until the end of this season.

However, while both men have been fantastic quarterbacks throughout their careers, Eli Manning has been better.

Manning led the New York Giants to two Super Bowls and won the MVP in both of them. The only other players in NFL history to win more than one Super Bowl MVP are Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Tom Brady.

Three of those names are already in the NFL Hall of Fame, and both Brady and Manning will be first-ballot Hall of Famers as well.

Eli Manning retires with almost every passing record in New York Giants’ history including:

  • Completions – 4.895
  • Passing Yards – 57,023
  • Passing Touchdowns – 255

Manning also ranks seventh in NFL history in all three of those statistical areas as well.

Eli Manning net worth

In 2004, before there was a rookie salary cap, Eli Manning signed a six-year, $45 million contract.

In 2009, Manning signed a new six-year extension for $97.5 million. He restructured that deal in 2012 to lower his salary for that one year from $10.75 million down to $1,75 million to help the team sign free agents.

In 2015, Manning signed his last deal, a four-year, $84 million extension.

Through 16 seasons, Eli Manning made a total of $252.2 million in salary and bonuses.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eli Manning has a net worth of $150 million based on his money remaining from his NFL contracts as well as endorsement deals with companies like Gatorade, DirecTV, Toyota, Reebok, Samsung, and more.

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