Elena Arenas celebrates LSU Tigers’ victory

Elena Arenas and her team moved forward in the NCAA finals. Pic credit: @elena_arenas01/Instagram

Elena Arenas and her LSU Tigers team played to win over the weekend, defeating other NCAA teams and advancing to the semifinals.

As Livvy Dunne cheered from the sidelines, Elena wowed on the balance beam and the vault, leading off her team’s performances for both events.

The LSU gymnastics team secured another win, defeating Oregon State and Michigan State to advance to the NCAA Semifinals.

After celebrating with her team, Elena took to social media to share her epic feat.

Elena shared some pictures from her stellar performance, showing her gymnast flexibility.

The pictures allowed fans who couldn’t make the trip to Denver to see some of Elena’s performance.

Elena Arenas and LSU Tigers team head to the semifinals

As a publication for LSU revealed, the team earned a score of 197.750 — the second-highest in the team’s history.

As for Elena, the gymnast led things off on the vault, scoring a fantastic 9.90 for her efforts. Then, teammates Alyona Shchennikova, Chase Brock, and Aleah Finnegan came in with strong performances.

Later, Elena started things on the beam, nailing a solid 9.850 for her performance. Teammates Sierra Ballard and Haleigh Bryant came through with solid performances, ultimately leading the team to victory. 

Next week, the Tigers head to Forth Worth, where the NCAA Semifinals will take place. Alongside eight other NCAA teams, the ladies will compete against other talented gymnasts, including Florida and California.

Elena’s first image showed a still from her floor routine as she did a split variation. She rocked a sparkly leotard, representing LSU to the fullest in gold and purple.

In the second shot, Elena prepared to exhale before mounting the beam and delivering a beautiful routine.

Other photos showed Elena celebrating with her team after the standout appearance.

Elena’s caption read, “they don’t call us the fighting tigers for nothing? #sweetsixteen.”

On days Elena doesn’t compete in NCAA finals, she has other lucrative endeavors.

Elena Arenas promotes Starface

One of Elena’s jobs off the mats has been as an influencer. While Elena hasn’t reached Livvy Dunne status, she has certainly lined up brands to promote products.

One product that Elena promoted was Starface. Starface has acne-fighting solutions, with adorable pimple patches that resemble stars.

The company has made strides toward destigmatizing acne.

In Elena’s picture, she held the infamous yellow cube that contained the star pimple patches.

Her caption read, “feelin like a star w/ @starface !!”

The Starface Hydro-Stars patches contain a 100% hydrocolloid product with vegan, clean, and cruelty-free formulations.

Hydro-Stars retail for $14.99 and are available on the Starface website.

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