Eiza Gonzalez shows off perfect figure in tight red spandex

Eiza Gonzalez close up
Eiza Gonzalez shows off perfect figure in an all-red workout outfit. Pic credit: ©

Eiza Gonzalez rocked a tight red spandex gym outfit that perfectly framed her figure. She was spotted in West Hollywood on Tuesday sporting this head-turning workout outfit on the way to the gym.

The tight two-piece red workout outfit features white buttons on the small crop top, which flashed a view of Eiza’s midriff. The high-rise, spandex bottoms perfectly showed off the actress’s well-toned legs, which seem to go on forever.

The star, who gained popularity after a role in a musical telenovela, wore her hair down with one side tucked behind her ear and tossed over her right shoulder. This fabulously showed off her neck and jawline, which Eiza complimented with a silver choker necklace and shiny, dangly earrings.

The frost blue silk scrunchie Eiza Gonzalez wore on her wrist excellently accented the red pop of color. This scrunchie matched the light blue paint on her nails in perfect synchronization.

Her sunglasses gave an extra boost of power to this already-stunning look, and flawlessly displayed her confidence and flair. A couple of silver rings could also be spotted, daintily hanging on to her fingers with a shiny flash.

The 32-year-old actress completed her all-red gym attire with white shoes and off-red socks as she made her way to the the gym. As a very busy actress and singer, she balanced multiple items in her right hand as she strode toward her next commitment.

Eiza Gonzalez stuns in matching red crop top and leggings
Eiza Gonzalez rocks all-red spandex. Pic credit: RMLA/Backgrid

Eiza Gonzalez reportedly back-on with Jason Momoa

The accomplished singer and actress, and co-star with Jake Gyllenhaal, is reportedly dating Jason Momoa again. But with both Hollywood stars so busy with upcoming projects, they reportedly don’t have many chances to spend time together.

“They both have very busy careers though,” an inside source told PEOPLE. “They hang out when they are in the same city.”

Gonzalez recently starred in the 2022 film, Ambulance, alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. While the 32-year-old actress has finished that Hollywood project, she’s apparently not done showing the world her talent just yet.

Eiza has a busy schedule ahead

Eiza Gonzalez is booked up with two upcoming series: the Apple TV+ show Extrapolations and a Netflix project: The Three-Body Problem.

Jason Momoa previously starred in Aquaman and recently announced a split after a 17-year relationship with Lisa Bonet.

While Eiza is busy rocking her gym attire and starring in movies, she still reportedly has a least a little time to spend with Aquaman star, Jason Momoa. The couple was reportedly spotted in Jason’s Harley-Davidson in Malibu, California.

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3 months ago

Perfect figure if you like toothpicks. Bad picture to say perfect body as FDTD once showed the curves more. Looks like auditioning for Marvel here. Toothpick.