Egyptian model Mimi Elashiry enjoys a walk in the jungle

Mimi Elashiry selfie
Mimi Elashiry posed nude for at the SOMA retreat space in Byron Bay. Pic credit: @mimielashiry/Instagram

Egyptian model Mimi Elashiry is truly one of a kind and not just for her stunning photos but for her entirely calming, aesthetically pleasing social media feed full of self-love, spirituality, and manifestation.

Mimi is not the typical model who throws on Victoria’s Secret lingerie or arches her back in the sand for a Sports Illustrated spread. Her professional shots tend to be a bit more unique, and she tends to focus more on meditation, yoga, and self-expression over anything else.

In a recent shot, the model was seen walking nude and clearly felt like she was completely in her natural element as she took a walk through what looked like a jungle landscape.

She shared two separate shots, with the first one showing her holding a white flower up to the sky as she looked at it like she was contemplating the meaning of life.

While the white flower was certainly beautiful, it was Mimi herself who drew attention in the photo, looking ethereal in the natural landscape.

Her hair was soaking wet and clung to her shoulders behind her, while she appeared to be completely makeup free with a glowing complexion.

Green leaves surrounded her, and she looked as if she was growing out of them, which was definitely due to the incredible skills of photographer Monica Buscarino.

A second picture showed Mimi walking away into the leaves as if she lived there all the time.

She captioned the gorgeous post, “🪷 🍃 BACK again at SOMA hosting @moveandmanifest Workshops this weekend for @soma.byron YOGA MOVEMENT RETREAT II So excited to be MOVING. Thankyou! 🙏🏽.”

Mimi Elashiry shared her love for SOMA, a retreat space in Australia

Mimi shared a similar picture weeks earlier with close-up shots of her grinning from ear to ear, clearly enjoying spending time in nature.

She wrote in her caption how much she loved the Lotus Pond and the Zen Garden at SOMA and described her time there pondering, meditation, and being without technology.

Monica Buscarino, the photographer, is also the creative director of SOMA, “a contemporary retreat space in Byron Bay, Australia.

Mimi hosts her own Move and Manifest workshops around Australia

Mimi hosts her own Move and Manifest workshops at SOMA, a yoga, meditation, sound, and movement retreat where she teaches the classes.

She runs her own Instagram page for the workshops, which are not only held at SOMA but in other places around Australia.

At the end of February, she shared a picture of herself teaching a Move and Manifest workshop at the Roots Festival, and the class was entirely women.

She wrote in her caption how deeply into the class she got, saying, “Wow ~ it took me on a ride of feminine flow and surrender that’s for sure! Covered in goosebumps the whole time, unintentionally missing certain “planned” cues and activities (which NEVER happens) as I was so deeply in flow with all the beautiful women and their experience.”

Check out Mimi’s personal Instagram for more modeling pictures as well as the Move and Manifest page for workshop dates or inspiration.

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