Eddie Murphy’s wives and girlfriends: How many baby mamas does he have?

Eddie Murphy from the Eddie Murphy Raw standup
Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend are expecting baby number ten for him

In case you might be wondering, Eddie Murphy isn’t having any fertility issues. The Coming To America actor is making headlines after it was revealed that he’s about to be a father for the tenth time.

This upcoming addition to the family has some asking questions about Eddie Murphy’s children and the women who mothered them. So how many baby mamas does Eddie Murphy have? The answer to that is five.

When Paige Butcher gives birth to baby number ten, the number of baby mamas won’t be changing since Paige gave birth to baby number nine as well. The pair have been together for nearly seven years now, so it’s not like the latest baby is a complete shocker.

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Eddie Murphy has been making babies for decades now. Eric Murphy is the oldest of the Murphy kids at 29 years old. His mother is Paulette McNeely.

Not much is known about Paulette. As the New York Post pointed out, Paulette isn’t in the public eye and there aren’t pictures of her floating around.

Eddie and his former wife Nicole Mitchell had five children together. Nicole holds the distinction of being the only one of Eddie Murphy’s baby mamas to have actually been married to him. During their 13 years of marriage, they had Bria, Zola, Miles, Shayne, and Bella, who range in ages from 16 to 28 years old.

Those who tuned in to the now-canceled Hollywood Exes got to know Nicole Murphy much better, as she was one of the stars of the reality series. After divorcing Eddie Murphy, she moved on to Michael Strahan, whom she dated for five years.

His first two children were still in diapers when Eddie became a father for the third time with Tamara Hood. Eddie Murphy’s second son’s name is Christian and he is 27 years old.

It’s no longer a secret that Eddie Murphy also fathered a child with Mel B from the Spice Girls. Her name is Angel and she’s 11  years old now.

Mel B’s relationship with Eddie Murphy is the rockiest of his exes and their drama has even spilled into Mel’s divorce from Stephen Belafonte. In court documents, Belafonte made claims that Eddie wasn’t interested in parenting Angel Iris and that she has called him dad since she learned how to speak.

However, it has been reported that Eddie and Mel have been working out their differences since she split from Stephen Belafonte. You may have noticed in the family photo above that Eddie and his current girlfriend Paige Butcher were posing with all of his children except Angel.

Eddie’s ninth child is two-year-old Izzy, mothered by Paige. After Eddie and Paige were spotted out with her baby bump on full display, his agent confirmed that Paige is due in December.

Eddie Murphy is known for having close relationships with his children. Even though he has a lot of kids and you might even say that he had them with a lot of women, he does reportedly go out of his way to foster relationships with all of them.

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