Ebro vs 50 Cent: Feud over Hot 97 ban spills over to social media

50 Cent and Ebro Darden in selfies posted to Instagram
50 Cent takes aim at Ebro Darden on social media. Pic credit: @50cent/@oldmanebro/Instagram

50 Cent is no stranger to a feud. This time around, the In Da Club rapper has been beefing with Ebro Darden.

It all started on Monday morning when Ebro and his crew were discussing the recent Conor McGregor fight and whether either of the fighters would have a hard time finding work due to the possibility that something crazy might happen.

Ebro made a good point about predictability and how those who present a challenge are often not invited to certain places. Then, the Hot 97 radio host went even further and used 50 Cent as an example, citing how the rapper isn’t welcome at the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert or on Ebro in the AM, his radio show.

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50 Cent definitely made an impression on the Hot 97 staff more than once. In 2004, a chair was thrown while he was performing. 50 Cent caught it but it’s still cited as the reason he’s not been invited back.  Then, in 2014, 50 Cent was invited back to Summer Jam again for a G-Unit reunion and it didn’t go smoothly either.

Instead, a fight broke out during the G-Unit set, causing all kinds of chaos. During the altercation, 50 Cent was accused of having someone snatch a chain off Slow from Slowbucks.

The point is, Ebro Darden is justified in not inviting 50 Cent back to Hot 97 events because of his past behavior. The problem is, 50 Cent found out Ebro was talking about him and despite it all happening years ago, it reignited their feud.

In a now-deleted tweet, 50 Cent wrote, “Ebro ls now ln need of security, and ls currently band [sic] from NY city night life. He Will be punched in the face shortly. LOL.”

Ebro’s response may be the reason 50 Cent pulled the tweet. After all, there is a great chance that someone may try to punch him based on what the rapper wrote.

After the initial tweet, which sounded rather ominous, 50 Cent set out to prove his innocence. He claims he didn’t throw a chair and he didn’t snatch a chain either.

50 cent even shared footage from the event that he believes will help prove that he didn’t throw a chair. He did clearly catch a chair, just like he claimed.

It’s not clear where 50 Cent got the footage or if he was saving it for that one day when he might have to prove his innocence, but he shared a video of the 2014 show too, again proving that he wasn’t messing with Slow.

50 Cent ended his rant by posting the most Kanan-esque photo of himself and proclaiming, “Now you know I would never do these things people say I do.”

Ebro Darden should have known that bringing up 50 Cent’s name on-air would be trouble. He seemed to be entertained by the whole 50 Cent feud though and even responded to the tweets and retweeted some too.

He even retweeted some of the funny things that others were commenting on 50 Cent’s tweets. The Ebro Darden vs. 50 Cent feud is still simmering and could fire back up at any moment. If he wants another chance to perform at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, it might take more than a decade this time around.

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