Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam enjoys Mexico trip with food, fun, and sun

jutta leerham selfie from ig
Speed skater Jutta Leerham is living her best life as she enjoyed some fun in the sun in Mexico. Pic credit: @juttaleerdam/Instagram

Jutta Leerdam has spent plenty of time on the ice, so it’s only natural she’d enjoy some fun in the sun when she’s not training or competing.

The 24-year-old Dutch speed skater recently jetted off for the tropical warmth and relaxation of Tulum, Mexico, sharing a photo drop from her trip.

She uploaded a carousel post to her Instagram featuring eight pictures collected from the getaway. The first featured her wearing a tiny green bikini for a shot as she squinted her eyes while standing on the sandy beach outdoors.

Jutta accessorized with a few thin necklaces and rings on her fingers as she tilted her head to one side, and her messy blonde hair fell behind her shoulder.

For her second slide, Jutta wore a black bikini with some sheer pants and dark shades as she carried a small tan bag. Gorgeous ocean waves and blue skies were visible in the background. 

Food was also part of the excursion as her third slide presented an appetizer or main dish Jutta experienced in Tulum, which appeared to have a unique combination of bread, sauce, beans, and cheese.

Jutta Leerham presents stunning shots from her Tulum trip

Jutta brought several swimsuits for her visit to the beautiful tropical location, as the fourth slide had her wearing a black one-piece suit with a long belt-like tie. She sported black shades as she struck a pose for a mirror selfie.

Behind her were several trees in the sand as she stood on a wooden platform or walkway to capture the shot in a mirror with a wooden frame. Her hair was straight and flowing past her shoulders, which presented quite a contrast to her messy hair in her opening bikini shot.

In the next slide, Jutta and two friends posed for a selfie as they all wore stunning black outfits, possibly to experience local nightlife together at clubs or bars.

More food was on the menu in her sixth slide, including dishes with tortilla or nacho chips, veggies, guacamole, and other tasty treats served on wooden slabs and tables.

The Dutch speed skater finished her photo drop with more swimsuit shots. One had two women in an outdoor pool or tub as one in a blue swimsuit hugged the other from behind in the water. A beach was in the background, with palm trees and blue water, as other people visibly enjoyed the beautiful area.

In the final slide, Jutta modeled her black one-piece swimsuit for an indoor selfie with her shades resting a bit down on her nose and her hair looking wet and slicked back as she had puckered-up lips.

Jutta’s slideshow of her trip proved to be popular with fans, as it had achieved over 436,000 likes as of this report. There were also over 3,000 comments for the speed skating star’s IG carousel share.

Her trip arrived several months after the Netherlands dominated at the 2022–23 ISU Speed Skating World Cup with 72 medals. Jutta placed fourth in Women’s 500 metres and second in Women’s 1000 metres.

Jutta participated in Body&Fit’s Find Your Fit campaign

As Jutta is one of the stars of speed skating, she’s also enjoying social media success with 4.1 million followers on her Instagram. That allows her to receive endorsements or partner with various brands to earn revenue from the partnerships.

She joins many other athletes and influencers using their social media popularity to do so. Others include college athletes like Miami basketball players the Cavinder twins, LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne, and LeBron James’ son, Bronny.

She participated in the Find Your Fit campaign for a brand she partners with called Body&Fit. For the campaign, she shared a carousel post of three images of herself at the gym wearing a black Body&Fit sports bra with black leggings.

“I feel so blessed I can do what I love the most every day, which is improving myself every day physically and mentally, becoming a better version of myself on and off the track,” she wrote in part of her caption.

However, Jutta also said she has ups and downs like everyone else. She said it’s about how you handle those challenges.

“It’s all about how you let them effect you. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and trying to be perfect makes you so stressed. Balance is the most important thing. Focus on things that make you happy and try to make day to day changes for yourself. I’m rooting for you,” her caption said.

In Jutta’s partnership post, she started her carousel of images with a shot of herself sitting on a box with a silver shaker cup and a rack of dumbbells behind her.

Next, she was seen sitting on the gym floor drinking from the shaker cup with a bag of Whey Perfection next to her. A final slide had the Dutch speed skater with a barbell across her shoulders as she appeared focused on performing a squat.

Those still shots seemed to be taken from a video Jutta appeared in (below) for the campaign, which shows her training at the gym and drinking a healthy beverage.

“Congratulations on winning the 1000m at the World Cup @juttaleerdam! ???? Last weekend Jutta proved once again that hard work and dedication pays off. Let this inspire you to reach your goals too! ?,” Body&Fit’s IG post caption says translated to English.

Body&Fit sells a variety of health products for sports nutrition. Among their website’s bestsellers in the category are BF10 pre-workout, C4 Original Pre Workout, Creatine Cellulose, and BCAA Amino acids.

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