Dua Lipa stuns in patent leather for photos from Japan

Dua Lipa attends a Grammy party.
Dua Lipa showed off her toned legs in knee-high boots and no pants while sharing some Japan snaps. Pic credit: © 

Dua Lipa has been taking social media by storm lately after a brief hiatus and the singer’s newest photo dump is no exception.

The 27-year-old artist, who entered the music scene five years ago with her smash hit New Rules, keeps proving that she maintains a firm hold on her devoted fans.

Boasting a whopping 87.4 million followers online, Dua may not always be as active as some of her other celebrity cohorts, but she has shown that absence only makes fans’ hearts grow fonder.

The hit-maker, who has seen her songs Levitating, the Elton John collab Cold Heart, and Don’t Start Now, among others, dominate the airwaves over the years, kicked off her world tour earlier this year and has been enjoying seeing the world during her downtime.

As her Future Nostalgia tour winds down this month, Dua appears to be soaking in as much of the scenery around her as possible while not on stage, with her recent travels taking her around the world to Japan.

Sharing a massive photo dump online for her latest share, Dua aptly picked an eye-catching snap as her primary pic to get things started.

The singer went for a scantily-clad vibe for her first of several snaps, rocking knee-high boots and showing some skin.

Dua Lipa goes without pants in knee-high boots

Dua looked as sultry as ever in her jaw-dropping pose, giving a low crouch and tugging on the heel of her ultra-shiny boot.

Opening her glossy mouth with a seductive pout, the songstress kept her long locks sleek and tucked behind her ears. Her eyes were adorned with a bronzed shadow sweep.

Dua showed off plenty of legs as she went without any lower garments, her upper body covered only just barely with what looked like a bustier bodysuit.

Her other photos were of a tamer nature, with the singer giving glimpses of the Japanese mountains and towering cityscapes as she hopped from pic to pic for an epic share.

While the young star clearly has kept herself quite busy with her singing career, Dua has also joined the throngs of other celebs who have dabbled in creating their own fashion labels as a side gig.

Dua Lipa joins forces with Puma athletic wear

Dua has joined forces with the athletic brand Puma for her own fashion label dabbling, and the star’s power over the people has only seemed to help boost sales for her collaboration.

With her first collab going by the title Futur, her second collab was a mild twist on the first’s name, going by Flutur to let fans see that the two were definitely connected.

In July, Dua ensured to uphold her end of the bargain as she took time out of her hectic touring schedule to host a wild rave party for Puma.

Leaving her cropped sweatshirt partially unzipped for added effect, Dua looked smashing in her sweatsuit two-piece while showing the world that she knows how to promote herself and her style.

Dua’s current tour is set to finish off in Auckland, New Zealand, early this month, allowing the singer a month-long break before capping off the year with a performance at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball in December.

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