Dua Lipa soaks up the sun in Australia on Future Nostalgia tour

Dua LIpa's face close up
Dua Lipa took time before her final Future Nostalgia tour to soak up the sun down under. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Dua Lipa celebrated her last show in Australia, but first, she hit the beach, where she soaked up the sun and, of course, served looks.

The always fashionable Dua extended her fashion reign in a colorful two-piece which she placed over a bright yellow cheeky bikini.

Today was set to be the last day of the Future Nostalgia tour, marking the last concert of 92 amazing shows.

In typical Dua style, she explored the sights of her city, and she shared a never-before-seen fashion win. The songstress has been living it up, including a fun night out in Melbourne wearing a fun, Spongebob-themed sheer outfit.

Dua treated her 87.4 million Instagram followers to an eight-photo carousel featuring the sun, sand, and style.

Dua’s fans and followers rewarded her efforts with 1.2 million likes and counting.

Dua Lipa dazzles in Jean Paul Gaultier two-piece before last show in Australia

The first photo featured the naturally beautiful singer posing on her knees with the ocean breeze blowing her dark locks. She closed her eyes serenely while she appeared to be present and in the moment. Dua placed her hands with Patrick Star-adorned nails on her lap as she rested peacefully.

Dua wore designer, even to the beach, choosing Jean Paul Gaultier’s The Blue Dots print crop top in blue, purple, and yellow. The colorful garment featured long sleeves and an off-the-shoulder vibe, retailing at $300. Dua paired the crop top with matching tulle pants at the same retail price.

The songstress posed on a rock for the second shot, giving total mermaid vibes as she perched atop the ledge.

Dua stuck to her tradition of sharing mother nature with a gorgeous sunset from the shores of Australia.

Other photos featured mirror selfies and a picture of Dua’s friends.

Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tour ends with a surprise

Dua has had an incredible run since her first show from the Future Nostalgia tour started back in February. After today’s performance in Perth, Australia, Dua has finally completed the tour for the album that came out, perhaps, unfortunately, in March 2020.

Because the album’s release coincided precisely with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dua had to postpone her album tour multiple times, just like Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever tour.

Although Dua’s tour was scheduled to end on November 16, the singer had something up her colorful sleeve.

Yesterday, Dua made a shocking announcement when she told her Instagram followers that she would perform a final show in Tirana, Albania.

Dua gave the special statement in her native Albanian and English as well.

Dua’s Future Nostalgia tour now ends on November 28 in Tirana, Albania.

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