Dua Lipa shows off bright crocheted bikini, matching orange belly chain and tons of skin

Dua Lipa on the Shutterstock red carpet
Dua Lipa shows off bright, crocheted bathing suit and body chain on Instagram. ©

Dua Lipa put out some new rules on Instagram yesterday – a bright-colored, crocheted bikini simply must be paired with a gold body chain.

The singer/songwriter took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to show off her new bathing suit

Lipa posted a series of photos and videos on her Instagram Story, as well as a post to her feed to show off the eye-catching outfit.

The suit is fully crocheted, featuring bright orange and yellow yarn with bottoms that tie on the side.

However, the star of the show is definitely her gold patterned body chain that’s wrapped around her waist.

In the photos, Dua appeared to be lounging outside on a white pool chair enjoying the sun.

Dua Lipa posing in a crocheted bathing suit
Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

She also paired the bikini with a yellow crocheted waist wrap, which she posted in a series of photos to show the detail more clearly. The intricacy of the gold body chain is more detailed in the close-up as well.

Close up on Dua Lipa's crocheted detailed outfit
Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Dua Lipa wore the crocheted outfit on a lounge day with model Sarah Lysander

Dua posted a few photos with her friend Sarah Lysander, who is a model and entrepreneur from the UK. The two posted photos with each other hanging out on the white pool chairs together.

In one video with Sarah, Dua wrote, “really couldn’t live without ya @sarahlysander.” Later, Sarah reposted the same video and added the text “blessed to have my forever people.” Seems like the two are very close and plan to have each other in their lives for as long as possible.

Dua Lipa and Sarah Lysander lounging on the beach
Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Another video on Dua’s Instagram Story showed the two side by side as Sarah leaned over to give Dua a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Sarah Lysanda gives Dua Lipa a kiss on the cheek
Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

The UK model was seen wearing a plain black, velvet string bikini that she wrapped around her back to tie in the front. In one video, Sarah wrote, “Pre tan before flying” as she panned over the camera to Dua.

Sarah Lysander's instagram video with Dua Lipa
Pic credit: @sarahlysander/Instagram

Based on the text about flying and the next photo on Sarah’s story, it’s safe to say the model accompanied Dua to the next show of her tour in Miami, Florida. She reposted a series of photos and videos taken by songwriter Sarah Hudson, where she and her friends (including Sarah Lysander) were dancing at Dua’s concert.

The seventh photo in the series shows Sarah on the left in front of Dua Lipa performing in the background.

To see where Dua Lipa is headed next on her 2022 nationwide tour, check out the upcoming dates here.

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