Dua Lipa shows curves to celebrate Albanian independence

dua lipa albania
Dua Lipa celebrated Albanian independence day with the final Future Nostalgia tour concert in Tirana. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Dua Lipa had a lot of reasons to celebrate recently, as she received honorary citizen status in Albania and finished her Future Nostalgia tour with a concert in Tirana.

Dua wore the Albanian colors in the patriotic share, which was also in honor of her culture.

Albania has long shared a special place in Dua’s heart because it was her mother’s homeland, and she has Albanian heritage. Dua celebrated her 27th birthday at a family estate in Albania, and she selected the country as the location of her final world tour, making it the 93rd and final concert from the Future Nostalgia tour.

To celebrate her new citizenship and hype up her final Future Nostalgia concert, Dua posted an exciting carousel of pictures on Instagram for her 87.4 million followers.

Dua started the carousel strong with a video as she waved an Albanian flag. She wore a black knit dress with a plunging neckline and an off-the-shoulder sweater made from the same material.

The second photo showed a picture from the first clip as the beautiful British native held the flag proudly and smiled.

Dua Lipa shows Albanian pride before final Future Nostalgia tour date

The final picture featured Dua’s close-toed red pumps and black tights, showing she was truly committed to the Albanian colors. Dua’s heels featured gold heels and straps around the ankles, offering support and looking stylish.

Dua’s long dark locks were natural in loose waves that cascaded down her back. She donned her signature soft makeup, which allowed her captivating natural beauty to shine.

She shared a touching caption to accompany the photos and video. Dua’s first language was Albanian, and she shared a few words in her native tongue. Dua also provided some historical context which served as an educational purpose for fans who were unaware of Albania’s history.

Dua’s caption read, “110 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE ?? so happy to be in Tirana, Albania ~ as the newest citizen ? to perform for you all tonight ~ THE FINAL FUTURE NOSTALGIA SHOW ??❤️?? menxi po pres me ju paaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Dua has truly become a woman of the world, receiving an honorary ambassador title from Kosovo over the summer.

Dua Lipa hydrates with Evian

As one of the biggest names in music who constantly travels and tours, Dua has to stay hydrated to fuel her body.

Luckily for Dua, she has become a face for Evian water, and she has taken her gig seriously.

Dua hasn’t been shy about shouting out the beverage brand that she represents.

The New Rules singer told Refinery29 that the first thing she did each morning was walk her dog and grab a bottle of Evian.

Hydration looks good on Dua, who always rocks a gorgeous glow.

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