Dua Lipa shares behind-the-scenes with YSL

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Dua Lipa recorded a new promo for Libre. Pic credit: © Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Few people embody the spirit of freedom quite like top-charting pop star Dua Lipa.

Therefore, the Levitating singer was a natural fit to front a brand, which meant “freedom” in French.

YSL and Dua came together for a meeting of the minds, with the French luxury brand creating a new fragrance appealing to a younger audience.

At 27 years old, Dua was the prime demographic to represent YSL Libre — a new scent by the respected brand.

Yves Saint Laurent has achieved great success in the perfume world, with Black Opium regularly topping the best perfume lists.

As the brand recreated magic, YSL and Dua headed to Morocco for an epic shoot.

Dua Lipa promotes YSL Libre with new campaign

Dua started her jam-packed Instagram post with the finished product from her latest Libre campaign. She posed with a prominently placed bottle of YSL Libre, resting the product against her head. Meanwhile, a roaring fire blazed in the background, illuminating Dua’s silhouette and creating a visual masterpiece.

In the second image, Dua showed a glimpse at the traditional Moroccan architecture, including tiles floors and stained glass ceilings. 

Next, Dua went into selfie mode, snapping her reflection in a mirror. 

In other photos, Dua showed a view of the vast desert from a speeding dune buggy, where she was the passenger.

A swipe right featured Dua posing outdoors, with a lightning strike, electrifying the background.

Subsequent shots featured selfies, pictures of the crew, and more photos featuring the Morrocan desert.

In a caption accompanying the post, Dua expressed gratitude for the opportunity to travel to Morocco and represent YSL Libre.

As for the fragrance, Libre has four size options, with prices beginning at $30.

Dua Lipa becomes the face of YSL Libre

Dua became the face in 2019 after YSL sought a representative who embodied the fragrance with youth, edginess, and a free spirit.

YSL Libre carefully blends the traditionally masculine notes of earthy oakmoss with Moroccan orange blossom and Diva Lavender. Diva Lavender, a YSL proprietary scent, adds a feminine finish, creating a well-balanced aroma. 

For Dua, the chance to represent Libre was an honor because the message aligned with her personal philosophies.

Dua spoke with Harper’s BAZAAR at a YSL event last September.

She explained, “Well libre, of course, means ‘freedom,’ and I think freedom—now more than ever—is something that we really need.”

Dua continued, sharing the importance of freedom as a woman.

The singer added, “Especially as women, to be able to speak up; I think having a choice is freedom. And for me, it’s important to use my platform to amplify voices in whatever way I can, so we can all have a place in society.”

Interested buyers can purchase YSL Libre at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, or participating department stores.

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