Dua Lipa in skimpy string bikini for sporty vibes

Dua Lipa close up
Dua Lipa showed off her toned abs in a tiny string bikini top for Puma promo. Pic credit: ©

Dua Lipa showed off her taut tummy as she lounged in a blue metallic bikini top with oversized black trousers and a matching belt.

She paired the ensemble with thick white sneakers and hoop earrings, leaving her long brunette hair down as she put her arms on either side of the couch with a confident stare.

She tagged the brand Puma in her photo to let fans know she was wearing the Mayze Stack sneakers, which retail for $120.

The photo received over 541k likes, including from model Irina Shayk.

The brand itself posted a picture of Dua as well, showing her laying down with her elbow on her head as she kicked her legs behind her to show off the sneakers.

After becoming a global ambassador for Puma in November 2020, Dua released a collaboration with the german brand, which dropped on December 18, 2021.

Dua Lipa recently released her second collaboration with Puma

Dubbed the ‘Flutur’ collection, which means ‘butterfly’ in Albanian, it featured a number of crop tops and sweatsuits in simple black and white colors that gave off a very 90s vibe.

Now, the singer has released her second collaboration with the brand, ‘Flutur drop 2,’ and it features 30 new pieces. The athleisure collection is much more colorful this time around, with bright pinks, purples, and holographic details.

On July 14, Dua posted an Instagram photo in which she wore a purple sweatsuit from the collection along with pink hair to show the new collection’s energy.

The singer is clearly very excited about the new collaboration, telling Vogue, “You can style the pieces however you want—you can cut them up, and you can create different, exciting ways of wearing them.”

“They’re designed to be unisex and mixed and matched with regular wardrobe staples both high and low,” she added.

She’s been seen wearing several pieces from the wardrobe on her Future Nostalgia tour. She told Vogue, “The collection is also perfect for a night of dancing, which I’ve been doing a ton of on my Future Nostalgia tour.”

Dua keeps her body toned with lots of exercise, including pilates and yoga

Just how does the New Rules singer keep her body so crazy strong and toned? PMAC fitness shared a video of the singer in the middle of her intense workout, showing her doing squats and throwing a medicine ball with a personal trainer. So, she clearly gets lots of gym time in.

In 2021, she revealed her daily routine to Refinery 29, telling the publication she works out most days around 8:30 a.m. She’ll do a Zoom workout by Sculpt With Ella, who lives in L.A.

Otherwise, her friend Bunny will come over to help her work out, usually if she’s feeling lazy or unmotivated. She told the publication, “I also love to do yoga, Pilates, or strength training. I like to leave my cardio workout to dancing.”

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