Dua Lipa in latex for a year that ‘changed’ her life

Dua Lipa at an event in 2019.
Dua Lipa looked amazing in her latex bodysuit. Pic credit: ©

Dua Lipa had an amazing year.

She toured the world and looked incredible while doing it. 

Dua shared a carousel of photos as she acknowledged all the year had brought her. 

Wearing a latex bodysuit and looking busty as she performed, Dua shared the perfect photo to show off all she accomplished in 2022. 

Moving into the new year, Dua is looking ahead and ensuring she knows how incredible these last 12 months have been. 

She captioned the Instagram carousel, “Future Nostalgia ~ 2022 ~ the year that changed my life. Thank you for the lifetime of memories ??.”

Dua Lipa stuns with her fashion sense 

Aside from her ridiculously amazing voice, Dua Lipa also has a killer fashion sense. 

There is never a disappointment from her outfits on stage to those when she is out and about enjoying life. 

Dua shares a lot with her 87.5 million Instagram followers and gets plenty of feedback. 

Her red carpet looks garnered a lot of praise. Last month, she was a part of the Elton John Farewell Tour, and her choice was a sleek black number. She posed on the red carpet, looking like a million bucks. 

Dua Lipa reveals how she stays in shape 

It takes a lot of work to be able to put on several shows across the world and move around while performing. Naturally, Dua Lipa is in incredible shape. 

Her toned abs leave followers wondering how she remains so fit. Luckily, Dua has talked about how she keeps her body in working order and what her typical exercise routine entails. 

According to Cosmo, Dua Lipa prefers early morning workouts. They help start the day off right and keep the energy level high. Often, it’s a zoom session she joins to get her workout on, but sometimes she doesn’t have time to pop in. 

Dua also enjoys boxing and pilates, keeping things new to avoid boredom. She revealed that she enjoys working out and keeping her body in shape. Focusing on her abs is also essential. From cycling to crunches, Dua makes sure to incorporate core workouts. 

As for eating, Dua ensures she sticks to whole foods whenever possible. Food is the body’s fuel; without good choices, the body suffers. 

It has been a busy year for Dua Lipa, and she is focused on ensuring next year is even better.

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