Dua Lipa hangs out with koalas during down time

Dua Lipa poses for the camera
Dua Lipa looks incredible in shimmery eyeshadow and plump lips for the 2nd Annual Variety Hitmakers Brunch. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

British singer and sensation Dua Lipa doesn’t stop surprising her fans with new and colorful outfits.

Lipa is traveling the world right now and performing in new cities every week. But she is also taking this time to take a break and see the sights of Brisbane, Australia.

The singer recently posed with cute animals like a koala and a kangaroo as she explored a wildlife park.

For this fun day, she dressed wearing a Bambi print blue long-sleeve shirt from the brand Moschino. This shirt is actually from the brand’s menswear range.

She left it unbuttoned and tied it at the bottom to show off the bright and colorful bralette she was wearing underneath.

Lipa then put on a pair of blue mom jeans, a black leather belt, and a Chanel handbag. She accessorized this look by wearing a black pair of sunglasses with gold details by Cartier, as well as a gold bracelet and watch.

The songwriter shared a couple of pictures on her Instagram showing what an amazing time she was having with the animals and gave this post a funny caption, “please don’t talk to me or my sons ever again.”

Dua Lipa performs in Mugler for Future Nostalgia Tour

Lipa is ending her tour this month, with only five more shows to go in Australia after being on the road since February of this year.

Her presence on stage is incredible, and so are the sparkly outfits she wears every night. The most famous one was a Mugler sheer catsuit that she rocked in black, red, and gold.

Not only that but she also had Balenciaga create custom lace catsuits.

Dua Lipa tells the secret of the inspiration behind her songs

The 27-year-old is at the top of the world right now. She has won multiple Grammys for her latest album, as well as her first, making her a big star in the music industry.

Lipa spoke with Luxury London about her crazy ride to the top, as well as what is the inspiration behind her hit songs, To this, she said, “I write about things that happened to me, about things I know. Of my weaknesses. In fact, every time I feel weak, I try to write something that makes me feel stronger. Obviously, given that what I describe are situations and feelings that we all feel, I hope that others can recognize many of these same emotions.”

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