Dua Lipa goes tropical with ‘Serotonin overload’

dua lipa face
dua lipa face

After months in the studio working on her highly-anticipated third album, Dua Lipa has enjoyed a well-deserved vacation with a few of her closest friends.

The top-charting songstress has always maintained a full schedule, whether on the road touring or recording new music.

But, as Dua likely knows, all work and no play can lead to burnout.

Accordingly, Dua headed to Jamaica, where she enjoyed the sun and fun in an exotic destination.

In true Dua style, she took her fans along for the ride, documenting her experiences with a jam-packed IG carousel.

She shared a glimpse of her latest adventures with her 87.7 million Instagram followers, who have received a ton of content over the weekend.

It was difficult to choose a favorite picture from Dua’s ten-part share, with each image seemingly more enjoyable than the last.

Dua Lipa hits Jamaica, serving fun and fashion with her fans

The first picture showed Dua laughing with friends and holding a container of Jamaican rum. She sported a denim two-piece with a crop top, a matching jean skirt, and an undeniable glow.

A swipe right saw Dua striking a pose, surrounded by lush greenery, with her side facing the camera.

In the fourth shot, Dua took one of her signature mirror selfies with a beautiful sink and a frame decorated with pearls.

Another image featured shelves filled with Jamaican rum and pictures, paying tribute to native reggae artists.

Subsequent shots showed Dua on the ocean with her best friend and the songstress at night, taking in the sights and sounds of the island nation.

Dua’s caption read, “Serotonin overload!!”

It was clear from the post that Dua knew how to travel well while hitting hidden gems and cultural staples.

Therefore, it made sense for Dua to launch a podcast detailing her travel secrets.

Dua Lipa launches podcast Service95

Just when you thought Dua didn’t have enough on her plate, she launched a podcast called Service95.

Dua started the podcast last year, with the first season coinciding with her Future Nostalgia world tour.

As Dua revealed to Vogue, Service95 was a passion project and a hobby close to her heart. 

She got the name Service95 from her birth year and the show’s premise as a cultural concierge.

Dua said of her upcoming effort, “It’s a massive hobby of mine – I’ve always compulsively made lists of everything: my favorite places to eat, my favorite places to stay.”

Dua continued, revealing that her family and friends came to her for travel recommendations.

She explained “All my friends and family, wherever they travel in the world – even if they’re just there for one night – they’ll text me to ask what they should do.”

Service95 is in its second season, and fans can check out new episodes on Spotify or the podcast website.

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