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Dua Lipa gives a braless dance of appreciation

Dua Lipa dances to Potion
Dua Lipa dances to Potion. Pic credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Dua Lipa did an appreciation strip tease for her recent accomplishment of 10 million views for her newest single, Potion, with Calvin Harris and Young Thug.

The singer, who is no stranger to posting scantily clad social media content, shared a video with a dance and a thank you.

Dua is on her Future Nostalgia tour, which is currently on the European leg. She began touring in February, with a sold-out date in Miami at the FTX Arena, and she has been going nonstop ever since. 

Her dedication to the promotion of her latest single shows just how hard-working the pop star truly is. She offered a previously unseen look of her song Potion, including a dance that set hearts racing.

Dua Lipa dances in gratitude for her new single

Dua Lipa gave a braless dance for fans and shared it on her Instagram page. Dua’s brown hair was long and down as she danced in a satin dress and knee-high boots. 

Dua posed on a stage with the psychedelic lights flashing in the Potion video, but this clip was behind-the-scenes. Her voice played in the background as she offered a special dance of appreciation. 

Dua got down on a knee and arched her back before swinging her body around and standing back up on her feet.

Dua wrote in the caption, “10 MILLION VIEWS ON POTION 🧪🧪🧪🧪 @calvinharris @thuggerthugger1 dir ~ @emilnava BTS video ~ @brunofski.” She received more than 1.8 million likes for the post.

Dua Lipa releases new single Potion and archive styles

Dua Lipa is the latest celebrity to pull clothing out of the archives–Kim Kardashian wore a timeless Marilyn Monroe piece, and Bella Hadid wore Versace to Cannes. 

Dua’s fashion game has been the subject of many articles; her Future Nostalgia tour features custom bodysuits by Thierry Mugler and Balenciaga. Dua’s stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, is the visionary behind the famous styles and finds fashions that flatter Dua’s exquisite figure.

Dua’s Potion fashion saw the retrieval of some early 2000s pieces. She wore Dior Fall/Winter 2000 knee-high boots, visible in the video above and in the official Potion video.

Dua also wore a couple of archival Roberto Cavalli pieces. She rocked a pheasant printed shirt from the Spring/Summer 2003 collection and paired it with an asymmetric lion skirt from the Spring/summer 2002 collection. 

Finally, Dua sported some vintage Gucci in the form of a snakeskin dress. 

The Potion video with Calvin Harris and Young Thug is out now.

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